Friday, 3 July 2009

Woop Woop ... 2kg gone !!!!

Woohoo I have lost 2kg this week. OK I had tummy cramps so that is probably part of the reason. But before I started to have the cramps I already lost almost a 1kg. I am over the moon. So that was my first week of wheat free diet. And I have to say that I am actually very suprised not to have given in on especially pasta. I am really proud of myself. And it didn't seem that hard in the end although I keep thinking about it. I want to give this a go for a month and see how I feel. Some people have told me that they got off pasta totally and don't really eat that more anymore. I might struggle when I go out as I love Italian food. But we'll see when I get there. I don't have any plans of going out for a meal this w-e. And I have to say with my tummy cramps I don't feel like eating too much.

Breakfast: Porrideg oats, skimmed milk, pumpkin seeds and golden syrup.
Snack: none
Lunch: Wholemeal wrap, feta cheese, tomatoes, cucmber, tzatziki and guacamole.
Snack: Nakd bar & banana
Dinner: Pollo pesto pizza (not the best choice after the week I've had with my tummy but can't get it out of my head. So will have it. Then won't have any pizza in the freezer and won't be tempted!!!)
Snack@ 25gr nuts

Exercise: Session with PT

Drinks: Cappuccino.3L water + no added sugar squash


Just a Girl said...

Woohoo well done Caroline! I was always a huge pasta lover and I can't really remember the last time I ate it now. Keep it up hun :)