Sunday, 19 July 2009

So Happy...!!

This morning decided to measure myself. I didn't do it since I started this new diet. And I was so very happy. I have lost 4cm from my waist and 3cm from my tummy. Woohoo!!!! I could not believe it ... a whole 4cm and a whole 3cm! WAOW... Well the thing is I fit in more trousers so I assume I would have lost a bit but not in a million years that much. Now I am even more motivated to carry on... :)

Breakfast: Protein pancake made with 6 egg whites, scoop of chocolate whey and peanut butter. (I didn't like it all! I didn't even finish it only have half)
Snack post tennis: Nakd bar Banana bread
Snack Nr 2: As I was home from tennis around 3.30pm I didn't have lunch. This is what I had. Nibbled on piece of Mackerel fillet and then had greek fat free yogurt, blackberries, red currants and kiwi. (Absolutely lovely!!)
Dinner: mix of fish, quinoa, sweet potato and squash. Dessert: Cherries
Snack: 25gr nuts
Drinks: 4L water

Exercise: 2 hours tennis doubles