Saturday, 18 July 2009

Slip up...

I was doing so well for the past 4 weeks and just now slipped with some ice cream from Hagendazs. It was praline and crean. It is my favourite. But now I finished it and feel full and quite sick. So didn't really enjoy it that much. At least now I know I won't be buying it again. I can't believe how my taste and what I fancy have changed. At the moment I get more pleasure out of eating clean than having this ice cream. I feel gutted though that I couldn't control my urge to eat something. I opened all the cupboard and then end up with the freezer and that is when I saw this ice cream.

I've read that for some people it works to have one cheat meal a week. Well I can say now that it wouldn't work for me. As now I feel really guilty to have had this ice cream. I know in the big scheme of things it is not such a big deal. But I wouldn't enjoy a cheat meal. I'd rather eat healthy and clean. Unbelievable and this just after 4 weeks. Anyway tomorrow I will play tennis doubles for 2 hours so I will burn off some of these excesses. If I am up early I might go for a short run. We'll see about that. I usually quite like my lie-ins on Sunday.

The reason why I desperately needed something today was because I felt a bit lonely and would love to find a boyfriend. And today I found it hard. But now I realise that eating something sweet is not going to help me ... which is a big discovery for me!! As now I definitely don't feel better about it. Just the opposite...

Breakfast: Porridge oats, whey protein, sunflower seeds and skimmed milk
Snack: none
Lunch: Huge Omelette with 3 eggs and 2 egg whites and ham. Dessert: Lychees and cherries
Snack: crisps (only a few) at my friends
Dinner: yogurt with blueberries, red currants, banana, whey protein vanilla flavour, kiwi
Snack: 30gr nuts
Oops: Praline and cream Hagendaazs ice cream
Drinks: 2L water and Cafe latte

Exercise: none