Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Hi All,

Due to nobody being able to post on here I have changed my blog. Here is the link:

Hope to see you ther :)

Caroline xxx

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Weigh in

Weigh in today … and what a nice surprise it was! I lost 1.7 kg this week. I couldn’t believe as I normally never lose that much in one week. And then I’ve been going out twice this week! So upping my exercising has really paid off this week by the looks of it!
And the other really great thing is that since I started the kettle bells my fat has gone down too. I’ve only done kettle bells twice but in these 2 weeks it has gone down from 34.3kg to 32.8kg which is massive for me! And I know that this is not an accurate number but just seeing this number going down is absolutely fantastic for me! So kettle bells is definitely the way to go for me! I love it. It is so very very hard work !! It is only a 30 min session but I don’t think I could do any longer right now! And when I see the benefits of it I don’t really need to do it any longer! And the other thing which is great is that it replaces my weight workout at the gym! And for me this is big as I really dislike the gym so much. And now I have found something I really like and see the result very quickly! So very happy indeed today :)

I have also upped my loss rate to 750gr/week now so it will push to exercise more too. Now I exercise 5 times a week and it is really do-able! I don’t feel like I have to force myself! Right now I love the exercising and am so very motivated also regarding my food! It has been a long time that I have felt like that. And I really love it! Long may it continue…

In May I am going on a girly holiday to Marrakech and want to have lost around 8kg. So I am on a mission but at this rate I might get there even sooner than that!!

Have a great day!!


Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Kettle Bell

Yesterday I did my first ever Kettle bell workout. I didn’t know what to expect at all! It soooo hard work and the movements are so different than what I am used to. But it was good and the trainer was great at helping me with my posture and everything. It was just 30min but boy what was that hard work. I really enjoyed it and I am now looking forward to my weekly session. And he told me that it will definitely help with my running. So it is all good! I am very happy that I started something new. As the gym is really coming out of my ears. I never really liked the gym but now it is even worse than that!! So the kettle bell is a welcome relief for me. I am just not sure if it can replace a gym workout. I will definitely carry on with my running as I absolutely love it and will start doing some cycling as I would like to enter a duathlon race. But right now I am not capable of sitting on a bike for 20K or so.
Someone suggested to me to enter a 10K race at the end of the month. She runs much faster than me but she is willing to do it with me. So might enter that race! The 1st ever race I will do. I am getting a bit nervous just thinking about it.

Today is weigh in day and I lost 400gr. It is ok. I was hoping on more but I am happy that I am losing again. Especially as last week I was hit by a cookies monster 3 days in a row. At least now the cookies are gone and no temptation whatsoever. It is funny that now that I start my week from fresh I am more motivated to stay on track and exercise a lot! Last week I binged a lot and then I wasn’t too motivated to do anything. But today is another day in paradise!!

My trainer is stuck in Lanzarote. He apparently can’t come back due to the weather. He was suppose to come back last week. Maybe this week… So I have had some other trainers that replaced him. It was good to do it with other people. And it really made me think about training … and that I can’t rely on trainers all the time to make me exercise. But then again my motivation is not always there. So not too sure what to do right now. For the time being I will carry on as it is and see from there. Sometimes I feel really weak that I can’t stay motivated unless someone is there to push me. And I realise that is how I am at work often too. I still hope that one day I will be able to motivate myself without the help on anyone else!!

Great day to you all!!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

After my quite negative post of yesterday I am much more positive today. Today I was suppose to go to Belgium but due to the weather conditions and the Eurostar I have cancelled my trip. I think it was going to be too much hassle. And talking to my family I realised that the weather in Belgium will be as bad as here and I might even miss the party. And that was the whole reason why I went. I am a bit disappointment but also relieved not to be stuck for hours at the station. So today have decided that I am going watch a tennis game of the belgians today and then will head into London for some therapy shopping!

Hopefully I will start my kettlebell training on Monday. It will be confirmed tomorrow. Looking forward to it! I thought of bying some dumbbell/barbell but then decided against it as I am not sure if I would use this so often at home especially if I am gonna start with the kettlebell on top of my gym session. Maybe I am just gonna buy some heavier dumbbell.

I have increased my target weightloss of the week to 750gr a week. The idea behind is that I will be forced to exercise more as living on 1250cal is not enough for me! So we will see how that is gonna work out! If I struggle to much then I go back to 500gr again. It shouldn't be a struggle so we'll see!

OK off to watch the tennis now!

See you later xxxxx

Friday, 8 January 2010

Emotional Eating

This week I have realised that I have struggled more than usual with emotional eating. A few things happened this week and this has caused it! I think I always had issues with that but ever since I am exercising 4-5 times a week I got it under control. But this week probably due to the fact that with the snow/ice I can’t go running and my exercise regime is gone to pot!! Now I also realise how much I rely on my routine and when it gets messed up I do not have a B plan! And now I have to have a B plan as the snow/ice is not gonna go for the next week or so!
First of all I don’t really like the gym but I know that it is good for me! And was in a routine where I was happy with it. Now again because of the weather conditions I have been gone running since before Christmas and it really gets on my nerves. The buzz I get from running is fab but I don’t get that from a weight session! I know I have to carry on with the weight session as I can see the changes in my shape. So basically I will be so happy when the snow has melted and I can go for my runs again. I missed it soooo much. Ok this is extreme weather conditions but why is it that I feel despondent of the weather. Up till now it has never affected me that way. And now I start to resent the snow. And in the past I loved the snow. It is so beautiful!!

On a positive note – I am going to Belgium this weekend for the 50th birthday of my brother in law. And this is probably just what I need right now. I haven’t seen my family in ages. So it will be good to catch up with them … although quite short!! And hopefully when I am back it will give the kick I need to get on the wagon again. I thought I was so motivated after the New Year but it has waded very quickly!! I have been attacked by the cookies monster 2 days in a row and that has to stop now! I will give the remainders of the cookies to a friend as I don’t have the mental toughness right now to say “no” to them!!

I am still waiting to know about my kettle bells training. I found someone but now it is about finding a day and time and looks to be quite difficult. I am really excited to start and see if I like it! I’ve read so many good things about it and everyone is raving about it!! So I definitely hope we sort out a day for this. That will probably also kick in my healthy exercise plan again.

The frustrating thing is that I do really well during the whole day and then in the evening the cookies monster comes out and then that is it! Healthy eating plan thrown out of the window! And then I am so cold that I don’t have the energy to even just to get up of the sofa!! So yes this has to change as I don’t feel good about it!!

So as of Monday the positive healthy me will be back with a vengeance!! :)

Have a great w-e all!!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Back on track officially!

Today I am officially back on the wagon. I thought I was doing so well untill after my dinner. I stuck to my planned food and the little demon popped his head and I finishe a whole packet of biscuits "petit beurres". I couldn't stop eating them. Well at least they are finished now.. Today is my weigh in day so I can now start properly again! I was quite cross with myself yesterday but hey I realised as well that one day is not gonna ruin my motivation to get back on track.

Today I go the gym which I am not looking forward to it as I don't really like it but I know it is good for me. I think I have found someone who will give me kettlebells training and I am looking forward to that. But it is on a Monday and for some very weird reason I really don't like to exercise on a Monday. But that is the only day that might fit for both of us! So then I thought well why not!! It is not officially confirmed but I hope it will! Something new is always exiting... And as I get bored easily with the same thing I hope the kettlebells will spice it up a bit! For me the gym remains a gym ... you change your routine and stuff but it is still a gym! So that is also the reason why I have a PT because I know I couldn't get motivated to do weights on my own!

OK so my starting weight is 84kg and my goal is still 70kg and I should get there by May just in time for my birtday :)


Monday, 4 January 2010

1st day back at work

1st day back at work in 2010 and my word it is so hard to get back into the swing of things! I had to shock of my life when I heard my alarm clock again this morning. Gosh how much I hate these things.... I almost fell out of bed... :)

Anyway I don't usually do New Year resolutions but I suppose this is one. I start to walk to work now every day. It takes me 20 minutes to get there so it is not too bad. And I have to say in this cold crisp weather I absolutely loved it. And as I am so not a morning person this walk really wakes me up!! So another benefit to walking. And it also earns me a few more calories to eat.

I have decided to change my rate of weightloss on WLR to 750gr. It used to be 500gr. So that will force me too to exercise more as living on 1250 calories is definitely quite low for me! But with me exercising 5 times a week I should be fine at the end of the week. And although I am not too keen on changes I sometimes think that changes are good for you. What better day to do at the beginning of the year!!

Now I realise how much I was eating during the Christmas break. I took to work the same amount of food I did before the Christmas break and I am so terribly hungry today. But I will not go down to the canteen to get me something sweet. I will survive this day of less food!

I have to lose another 14kg and WLR tells me that I will get there by mid May. So looking forward to that! Will I one day be that weight. I still cannot believe it! If I do I'll have a big party and invite everyone who helped me along the way!!

Breakfast: Oatso simple sweet cinnamon + 200m; skimmed milk
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Mixed salad, breadcrumbs and delicious French dressing. Dessert: Strawberries (80gr) and blueberries (56gr) with a tsp of agave nectar (absolutely lovely)
Snack: 100gr carrots and 40gr houmous
Dinner: Omelette made with 2 eggs and 80ml egg whites and smoked salmon. Dessert: Cherries
Drinks: Caffe latte, 2L water

Exercise: Walking to work