Saturday, 9 January 2010

After my quite negative post of yesterday I am much more positive today. Today I was suppose to go to Belgium but due to the weather conditions and the Eurostar I have cancelled my trip. I think it was going to be too much hassle. And talking to my family I realised that the weather in Belgium will be as bad as here and I might even miss the party. And that was the whole reason why I went. I am a bit disappointment but also relieved not to be stuck for hours at the station. So today have decided that I am going watch a tennis game of the belgians today and then will head into London for some therapy shopping!

Hopefully I will start my kettlebell training on Monday. It will be confirmed tomorrow. Looking forward to it! I thought of bying some dumbbell/barbell but then decided against it as I am not sure if I would use this so often at home especially if I am gonna start with the kettlebell on top of my gym session. Maybe I am just gonna buy some heavier dumbbell.

I have increased my target weightloss of the week to 750gr a week. The idea behind is that I will be forced to exercise more as living on 1250cal is not enough for me! So we will see how that is gonna work out! If I struggle to much then I go back to 500gr again. It shouldn't be a struggle so we'll see!

OK off to watch the tennis now!

See you later xxxxx