Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Back on track officially!

Today I am officially back on the wagon. I thought I was doing so well untill after my dinner. I stuck to my planned food and the little demon popped his head and I finishe a whole packet of biscuits "petit beurres". I couldn't stop eating them. Well at least they are finished now.. Today is my weigh in day so I can now start properly again! I was quite cross with myself yesterday but hey I realised as well that one day is not gonna ruin my motivation to get back on track.

Today I go the gym which I am not looking forward to it as I don't really like it but I know it is good for me. I think I have found someone who will give me kettlebells training and I am looking forward to that. But it is on a Monday and for some very weird reason I really don't like to exercise on a Monday. But that is the only day that might fit for both of us! So then I thought well why not!! It is not officially confirmed but I hope it will! Something new is always exiting... And as I get bored easily with the same thing I hope the kettlebells will spice it up a bit! For me the gym remains a gym ... you change your routine and stuff but it is still a gym! So that is also the reason why I have a PT because I know I couldn't get motivated to do weights on my own!

OK so my starting weight is 84kg and my goal is still 70kg and I should get there by May just in time for my birtday :)



Chocolatebutton said...

Ooh go for the kettlebells hun even if on a Monday you will love them!! They do work wonders too :-) x