Friday, 31 July 2009

Back again ...

I haven't updated my blog lately as wasn't in the right frame of mind. But have decided to come back and blog again. I feel slightly better and hopefully it will all go uphill from here.

My diet is still going well. I have lost 500gr this week. Happy with that as long as it is going down. Still on target to lose another 5kg by the end of september for my holiday. So that's good!

This week was the 2nd time I went to the runningclub and I love it!! It is also great to meet new people - as this was one of the reason why I was not feeling great lately. And I realise that my running is going really well as I will go from beginner to intermediate next week. The only thing is that I hurt my hamstring a bit and can't really sprint/run for the remaining of the week. I hope by next week everything will be fine. As I absolutely love running and now that I am set in my routine I don't want to stop it right now.

Lately I have been thinking about what to do in the long run. As I don't want to lose weight and then put it back on again because I lost my motivation or other emotional reasons. I realise I need to do something in a group as that will motivate me to go out. So I think triathlon might be just the right thing for me as it is always in a group that you will train and that should motivate me! I don't want to go always to a PT to get me fit and make me lose weight. So any suggestions are welcome...

Breakfast: Porridge oats, choc whey protein, sunflower seeds and skimmed milk
Snack: White chocolate (big oops!!)
Lunch: Mixed salad from work canteen. Desert: Mango
Snack: Fat free yogurt + blueberries + strawberries + kiwi + vanilla whey protein
Dinner: Fish (not too sure which one yet) + vegetables.
Snack: Oatcakes
Drinks: Cafe latte + 4L water + Energy drink

Exercise: Gym session PT

Friday, 24 July 2009

Moan, moan, moan.... sorry!!

Today I am not my usual happy self. I feel like I'm doing the same things over and over again. I see my trainer a few times a week, go to the running club, play tennis, foodshopping,.... It is the same things all the time. Not get me wrong I enjoy all the exercises I do but I feel like I want soemthing exciting in my life. I don't have a boyfriend so that also my be a reason. But I know that I don't want to focus on that too much as it will happen when it will. And probably when I don't expect it.
Mu closest friend are not in this country. And I really miss them. I would be so nice to have them around and could just pop in for a chat or so. But no if I want to see them I have to book a flight and have everything organised. I can't do anythign spontaneous. And I like being sponteanous. It takes me 11 hours drive to get there... Oh god I sound so negative. I should be focussed on the fact that I have these wonderful friends in my life. And I am very happy to have them but I suppose I jsut miss them!!!

This week I only lost 100gr. OK it is not a lot but I'd rather lose 100gr and put it on. As long as the trend is goind downwards I am happy. And I can feel that my fitness is improving in a big way!! So that is very important for me too. So now I got all these moaning of my chest I hope I will feel better for the rest of the day. I hate this feeling. In the end I know my life is not that bad. I suppose I just want something exciting happening and it is not really the case. But then again I don't really know what that could be.

Today is not happy friday!! But I see my PT tonight so I hopefully will get all these bad vibes out of my system and be happy and cheery again!!!

Breakfast: Porridge oats, skimmed milk, sunflower seeds and chocolate whey protein
Snack: Cafe latte
Lunch: mixed salad from work salad bar. Dessert: Melon
Snack: 0% fat free yogurt with grapes, blueberries and raspberries
Dinner: Omelette with 2 eggs and 2 egg whites with a wheat and gluten free pitta. Dessert: Cherries
Snack: 25gr nuts
Drinks: 4L water / Energy drink

Exercise: gym with PT

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Rest day...

Today is rest day! I have had 2 long runs the last 2 days and last night I could hardly sleep as my legs were killing me. I was on such a high after my runningclub yesterday that I couldn't wind down before midnight or so and even when I was in bed I struggled. But I am very happy of all the efforts I have put in. This morning not much change on the scales but tomorrow is my weigh day. So fingers crossed that I have lost a bit more than just 300gr. But then on the other hand I am so pleased with the improvement of my fitness.

Usually I run on my own or with my PT. And with either I can never really judge how far I've come. So yesterday with the running club I could really see that I was one of the fastest in the group. The last 15 minutes or so I was leading as the leader stayed at the back of the group with the slower ones and she told me where to go and stuff. I felt good about that! :) And when we finished everybody told me that I must have enjoyed that last bit as I was going quite fast. And yes I was going quite fast but now I see that when you are in a group you don't want to give in. And that is a great motivator for me... So all in all everything is looking good!!

Breakfast; Porridge oats, chocolate whey protein, sunflower seeds and skimmed milk
Snack: carrots
Lunch: Mixed salad from the salad bar at work. Dessert: cherries
Snack: Nectarine
Dinner: Omelette with 1 egg and 2 egg whites and a no gluten pita bread. Dessert: Grapes
Snack: not sure yet
Drinks: 2 cafe latte and 4L water

Exercise: none (my legs are killing me right now!!)

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Running Club

Today I went to my first running club session. And I so absolutely love it!! I am so glad I went. I feel quite proud of myself too as I was so incredibly nervous. My tummy was so sensitive and in a knot. Till the last second I wasn't sure if I would go. But I arrived where everyone was waiting and a girl started talking to me and that relaxed me quite a lot. And she told me that the beginners group is a good group to start. And that is what I've done. I think I would be in a group inbetween beginner and intermediate. But there is no such a thing. So I will stay in the beginners group for the time being and hopefully in a few months I will go into the intermediate.
I am so buzzing right now. I can't wait for next wednesday again... Who would have thought that I would love it that much. YAY!! I definitely will go every week. Loved it, loved it, loved it!!! I can't stop smiling.

But now the problem I have is what am I suppose to eat. It is almost 9pm now. I just had a protein shake and that fills me up for the moment. I will probably have some fruit later on. But that is probably not what I should be eating.Any suggestions?

Breakfast: Porridge oats, sunflower seeds, skimmed milk and whey protein
Snack: none
Lunch: 50gr Couscous with cucumber, peas, sweetcorn, tomatoes and feta cheese. Dessert: Mango and Nectarine
Snack: Strawberries
Pre workout: Nakd bar and 25gr nuts
Post workout: Protein workout
Dinner: Cherries and grapes
Drinks: Cafe Latte, 4L water and energy drink

Exercise: Running club for the very first time

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Tomorrow big day....

Today I had a very tough run with my PT. I realise now that 80% is in my head. Once my head is in the right place I can run much further. Today it wasn't and in the end I ran faster than I've ever done before. OK my trainer pushed me otherwise I wouldn't have gone as fast as we did. Now I realise I can go faster and further and it is only down to me if I achieve this. Or at least it is all down to my stubborn head... :)

Tomorrow I am going to the runningclub. It is the very first time I will do that. I am very nervous. I will go there knowing absolutely nobody and for me this is such a big issue. I am quite shy and only if I feel confortable I will start chatting. I am usually a happy bubbly person when I feel confortable. So this is very daunting for me! Well the positive thing is that my trainer runs this running club so he will be there. And he knows how fast or slow I run and will put in the right group. Anyway I told him today that I was going to go tomorrow if it doesn't rain. In a way I am quite excited on the other hand I hope I will not chicken out and stay home. I will be very angry at myself if I do that. So will let you know tomorrow how it went and if I did go in the end. It will be such a achievement for me to go. I have been postponing it for such a long time now... No excuses!!

Breakfast: porridge oats, skimmed milk, chocolate whey protein and sunflower seeds
Snack: carrots
Lunch: Mixed beans salad. (didn't like it at all!!). Dessert: Nectarine
Snack: Fat free greek yogurt, blueberries, raspberries and kiwi
Dinner: Chicken breast and chicory with LF mayo. (Mayo is not the best choice but I only eat with chicory so it is not too bad. It reminds me of my childhood. We had this on a weekly basis)
Snack: Raspberries and 25gr nuts
Drinks: Cafe latte, 4L water, Energy drink

Exercise: Tough run with PT

Monday, 20 July 2009

Worst migraine ever ....

Last night I've had the worst migraine I've ever had. I went to bed at 10pm (something I never do usually!!) took a tablet and couldn't sleep as my head was hurting so so much. Then took a washcloth and put very cold water on it and put on my forehead. Repeated this for 3 times and then fell asleep. So by midnight I was still awake. I've never had such a bad one and I have no clue why I had it. In the past I've had tension headaches and often it had to do because I had chocolate. But I haven't had any chocolate for the last 31 days but I had ice cream on saturday night so maybe that could have been the trigger...
And when I woke up this morning my head was still quite painful. Not a very pleasant experience.... I could have hit my head against the wall just to stop the pain. So now I am very relieved that everything is back to normal...

Breakfast: Porridge oats, sunflower seeds, skimmed milk and scoop chocolate whey protein
Snack: Nectarine
Lunch: Ratatouille with couscous. Dessert: fruit salad
Snack: Nakd bar and strawberries
Dinner: Scrambled eggs (made with 2 eggs and 2 egg whites) asparragus and green beans. Dessert: Cherries
Snack: 25gr nuts
Drinks: 4L water

Exercise: none

Sunday, 19 July 2009

So Happy...!!

This morning decided to measure myself. I didn't do it since I started this new diet. And I was so very happy. I have lost 4cm from my waist and 3cm from my tummy. Woohoo!!!! I could not believe it ... a whole 4cm and a whole 3cm! WAOW... Well the thing is I fit in more trousers so I assume I would have lost a bit but not in a million years that much. Now I am even more motivated to carry on... :)

Breakfast: Protein pancake made with 6 egg whites, scoop of chocolate whey and peanut butter. (I didn't like it all! I didn't even finish it only have half)
Snack post tennis: Nakd bar Banana bread
Snack Nr 2: As I was home from tennis around 3.30pm I didn't have lunch. This is what I had. Nibbled on piece of Mackerel fillet and then had greek fat free yogurt, blackberries, red currants and kiwi. (Absolutely lovely!!)
Dinner: mix of fish, quinoa, sweet potato and squash. Dessert: Cherries
Snack: 25gr nuts
Drinks: 4L water

Exercise: 2 hours tennis doubles

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Slip up...

I was doing so well for the past 4 weeks and just now slipped with some ice cream from Hagendazs. It was praline and crean. It is my favourite. But now I finished it and feel full and quite sick. So didn't really enjoy it that much. At least now I know I won't be buying it again. I can't believe how my taste and what I fancy have changed. At the moment I get more pleasure out of eating clean than having this ice cream. I feel gutted though that I couldn't control my urge to eat something. I opened all the cupboard and then end up with the freezer and that is when I saw this ice cream.

I've read that for some people it works to have one cheat meal a week. Well I can say now that it wouldn't work for me. As now I feel really guilty to have had this ice cream. I know in the big scheme of things it is not such a big deal. But I wouldn't enjoy a cheat meal. I'd rather eat healthy and clean. Unbelievable and this just after 4 weeks. Anyway tomorrow I will play tennis doubles for 2 hours so I will burn off some of these excesses. If I am up early I might go for a short run. We'll see about that. I usually quite like my lie-ins on Sunday.

The reason why I desperately needed something today was because I felt a bit lonely and would love to find a boyfriend. And today I found it hard. But now I realise that eating something sweet is not going to help me ... which is a big discovery for me!! As now I definitely don't feel better about it. Just the opposite...

Breakfast: Porridge oats, whey protein, sunflower seeds and skimmed milk
Snack: none
Lunch: Huge Omelette with 3 eggs and 2 egg whites and ham. Dessert: Lychees and cherries
Snack: crisps (only a few) at my friends
Dinner: yogurt with blueberries, red currants, banana, whey protein vanilla flavour, kiwi
Snack: 30gr nuts
Oops: Praline and cream Hagendaazs ice cream
Drinks: 2L water and Cafe latte

Exercise: none

Friday, 17 July 2009

Weigh in day and Happy Friday...

Today is weigh in day and I lost 300gr this week. At first I was slightly disappointed. But then I realised I lost 3.4kg in the last 4 weeks. So I think I am doing really well. And all that since I started this clean and chocolate free diet :) No way I am gonna stop now. Love this new lifestyle... Can't stop talking about it...

First day this week that I feel happy and bubbly. So for me it is definitely happy friday! After all the stress this week I feel good again. Just in time for the w-e!

Next wednesday I will go my first running club session. I am a bit nervous as I am a bit shy and running with all these people I don't know is a bit daunting for me right now! But hey we will see. My PT told me it will help me to improve my speed so I am willing to give it a go and then if I like it I will carry on and if not at least I've tried it. And I think for me it would be good to do something I like with other people and not always on my own. So I am a bit nervous but also quite excited for the moment. I'll keep you posted.

Breakfast: Porridge oats, scoop whey protein, skimmed milk and sunflower seeds
Snack: carrots
Lunch: Salad from the saladbar at work. Dessert: fruit salad
Snack: Mango
Pre-Workout: Nakd Bar
Post workout: Chocolat whey protein shake
Dinner: Chicken breast in mushroom sauce, carrots and petits pois, couscous. Dessert: Passion fruit, red currants and blueberries
Snack: 25gr nuts
Drinks: 1 Cafe Latte, 3L water & energy drink

Exercise: PT session

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Thallie !!

Gosh this week has been so hard. I so can't wait for friday evening. I have felt so emotional since this friend was so nasty and now I have TOTM so that is not gonna help at all!

But with all this negativeness surrounding me right now I have to say that I am very lucky to have a best friend and her partner. They live in France so we don't see eachoter very often. We've been through so much through the years and now I feel blessed to have them in my life. Today I was still feeling quite teary and emotional and then I started to text with the partner and she is ever so funny and today she has put a big smile on my face. And then I realise that life is not that bad after all. It is just nasty people who make you feel like life such a struggle!! So just want to say thank you Thallie (if you read this!!).

Today I am on day 28 of no chocolates. I want to get to day 31 before having anything so that is on Sunday. Right now I could die for a piece. But sofar my head has ruled my heart. And I am very proud of myself especially after this horrible week! So now I start to be convinced that it is because I am not eating pasta, bread, rice and potatoes anymore. It took me that long to realise that!! At least it is better late than never...

I absolutely love this whey protein milk chocolate. I have ordered the vanilla en cookies & cream one. I can't wait to try it. I feel like I'm eating totally different now than before. And sofar I love it!! Long may it continue....

Breakfast: Porridge oats, whey protein milk chocolate, skimmed milk and sunflower seeds
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Wholemeal wrap, guacamole, tzatziki, tomatoes, cucumber and feta cheese. Dessert: Melon
Snack: Banana
Pre workout snack: Nakd bar
Post workout: Whey babana proteine shake (yummy!)
Dinner: Yogurt with banana, red currant and blueberry.
Snack: 25gr nuts

Drinks: 1 Cafe latte + 3L water + energie drink

Exercise: PT session

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Not very positive today ....

Today is not a very day as I feel quite emotional. Yesterday someone has said things to me in a certain way that was extremely aggressive and rude and that has really shocked me. And I am still recovering from it. I still cannot believe how someone can be so nasty. Sorry don't want to go into details right now. Now I am sitting here at my desk and feel quite teary and just want to go home and hide from the outside world. I know when I am like that I am very sensitive and think the world is against me! Which obviously isn't but that is how I feel today.

Today I was giving comments on a forum and someone replied in a harsh way and I took it the wrong way so have decided not go on them anymore. As this is not going to help me today. That is the joy of being quite sensitive ... :) I can understand that some people have strong views about certain topics and that is fine. But when that same person can't see someone else point of view that really p****** off in a big way!! There are always several ways of doing stuff and especially when it comes down to dieting. What will work for one person might not work for another one! And I think you have to accept that and being so stubborn and narrow minded about it. I think it is great to hear other people views and stories without being jugded on them. As far as I am concerned there are no right or wrong. In the end it is all about being openminded....

Tonight I have a session with my PT and that is probably exactly what I need to clear my head. I hate to be like that. I am usually a positive person. So can't wait for this day to finish.

Sorry for this negative post. But I am happy that although I feel very emotional I haven't turned to the chocolates. So this is day 26 of no chocolates. I want to get at least to 31 days before considering of having any. Just to prove to myself that I can do it. And that I don't need chocolates when things get though. But I can feel that it is getting tougher each day now.

Breakfast: Porridge oats, sunflower seeds, skimmed milk and golden syrup
Snack: carrots
Lunch: Wholemeal wrap, guacamole, tzatziki, sweet chilli chicken pieces, tomato, cucumber. Dessert: Melon
Snack: Apple and Cherries
Dinner: Salmon, quinoa and mixed pulses.
Snack: cherries
Drinks: 1 cafe latte, 3L water and energie drink

Exercise: Session with PT

Sunday, 12 July 2009

I am very proud of myself as yesterday I limited the damage of having rice and naan bread. I didn't want to upset my friend who cooked for me. I just a very small portion of rice and a very small piece of Naan. And at the end of the evening I didn't feel full at all. I was really happy that I didn't let myself go totally. Although I know that I won't be able all the time to avoid it...especially when a friend will cook for you.

I already feel the benefit of eating my omelette with egg whites. It fills me up for such a long time. Love it!!! I had it for lunch and only started to feel I wanted to eat something at 4pm. Fabulous! Usually by 2 or 3pm I already want to eat something. This whole change in my diet is really great right now. I feel like I am doing something very different. And it was just what I needed. This might be just want I needed to kickstart everything. I am such a happier person now.

I've ordered my first protein powder - flavour is milk chocolate. I can't wait to receive it. I debated whether I should get the chocolate flavour one as I am trying to cut it out totally. I can't really control my chocolate addiction so have decided to not eat it at all and see how it will go. Now it is day 24 of no chocolates. On friday I really struggled and wanted soooo much to have some chocolates and started even to get grumpy about it... But now I am happy that I didn't give in. I have to be able to do it for at least a month and hopefully even longer. But sofar all the changes that I have made to my diet I can feel the benefits. So that is why right now I don't feel the need to eat this stuff like for example choccies or pasta..

Breakfast: Porridge oats, sunflower seeds, skimmed milk and golden syrup
Snack: none
Lunch: Omelette with 2 eggs and 2 egg whites and a wholemeal pita. Dessert: cherries
Snack: Nakd bar
Dinner: Chicken breast, mushroom sauce, chicory, mayonnaise. Dessert: gooseberries
Snack: 25gr nuts
Drink: 3L water

Exercise: 5K run

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Reason to lose weight

After reading a blog from someone and she mentioned that it is good list reason why you want to lose weight and alos to list your goals to stay motivated when the going get though.

Why I want to lose weight:
- to have a flat tummy
- not at risk for strokes, heart attacks,..
- like my body
- have more energy
- be beautiful and toned

- do a triathlon
- run 5K under 30 mintes
- run 7 miles
- join the running club

This morning had a very tough workout with my PT. My legs and knees are killing me right now. But feel so good about myself as I start to see how my fitness is improving. And also my willpower is stronger now. In the past I would give in when it starts to get tough. But like today at the end of my session I decided to go on the crosstrainer for another 10 min and after 2 minutes I felt like giving in. But I did the 10 minutes and was really proud of myself. I knew that if I would stop prior to the 10 minutes then I would really be angry at myself. That was the reason why I have a PT as my willpower used to be so crap and now I see how much stronger that has become. So I suppose I will have to give my PT some credit for that! :)

Tonight I am gonna eat a friends house and she is going to cook indian. I am a bit dreaging it as for the past 2 weeks I've been trying to eat a clean diet. So not too sure how this will go.This is my first big test. So will let you know how it went.

Breakfast: porridge oats, skimmed milk, sunflower seeds & golden syrup
Snack: none
Lunch: Omelette with 2 eggs and 2 egg whites + wholemeal pita bread. Dessert: cherries
Snack: Apple & 25gr nuts
Dinner: Indian meal at friends
Drinks: 3L water.

Exercise: very tough PT session

Friday, 10 July 2009

Weigh in! :)

Woohoo!! another 700 gr gone. I can't believe how much I am losing since I stopped eating wheat. In the last 3 weeks I have lost just over 3kg. I am sooo over the moon about it! I wished I would have started that earlier. Now I am even more committed to stick with it. Having said that tonight I will have a pizza as I want to get rid of it and it is in my freezer right now. I will see my PT tonight so if there is one night I can have it then it is today. I will have just a fishpie to finish and then my freezer will look very healthy "clean". :) I find this new eating regime so exiting...especially as the kilos are dropping off! :)

I am so craving chocolates. This is my 3rd week of no chocolates. And the only thing I can think about is having some belgian chocolates. If I am gonna have chocolates then I want only the best. Well I say that because I am belgian. I could ask my family/friends to send me some but I want to prove to myself that I can do it. I have to be able to do for a least a month. So now every day I will write down on here if I had them or not. Hopefully that will motivate me!! Not eating any wheat is much easier than not having any choccies.... aaarrrgghhh!! OK have to think about something else.... Let's focus on the weight I have lost so far... 3 whole kgs!

Breakfast: Porridge oats, sunflower seeds, skimmed milk and golden syrup.
Snack: strawberries
Lunch: Salad from the canteen lunch. Dessert: banana, kiwi and mango salad
Snack: Nakd bar
Dinner: Pizza
Snack: Not too sure yet. Depends how it is going to go with my pizza.
Drinks: Cafe latte / 4L water / energy drink
Chocolate: none

Exercise: PT session

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Fast run....

I have debated the whole day whether I should go for a run as my tummy still felt a bit funny. After work I got home and then went for my run. And oh boy how happy am I that I went. I ran 5K in 34 min and it is close to my fastest which is 33min. So I am really happy. My 1st goal is to run it in 30 min. I just wanted to go for a gently jog and then I went faster and faster and faster... I am really on such a high right now! :)

I have decided to stop drinking squash. Today I just gonna finish what I already mixed with water and from then on it will just be water. As I started on this clean diet journey I don't think that squash is part of that. And today I thought that squash might not help with my bloated/full tummy. Today for lunch I ate because it was time to eat and that everyone around me were eating but not because I was hungry. I find this such a weird feeling as until a few weeks ago I was always hungry when meal times arrives. Surely it can't be because I am eating more protein and less carbs. I could easily forget to eat. But then with all the exercise I do I probably wouldn't have much energy left. I will wait till after the w-e and if my tummy is still like today then I will probably have it checked out...

Breakfast: Porridge oats, sunflower seeds, skimmed milk and golden syrup
Snack: none
Lunch: Bolognaise sauce. Dessert: Banana & kiwi
Snack: carrots & Nakd bar
Dinner: Omelette with 2 eggs and 3 egg whites (with my egg whites ... woohoo!!) and wholemeal pitta
Snack: 25gr nuts
Drinks: Cafe latte & 4L water and squash

Exercise: 5K run

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Since I had my lunch I have feel bloated. I haven't felt like that for such a long time. It is quite unconfortable. So now for my dinner just had melon and cherries. I don't think I will eat a lot more today. I will try to drink as much as I can. Hopefully this unconfortable feeling will be gone soon. I am not too sure why I feel so bloated today.

Since I started this wheat free diet I have some nasty tummy problems. It is only now that I realise what bread, pasta, rice,... effect has on you. I never in a million years would have imagined that. I just thought I will stop eating wheat and it will help my quest in losing weight and do a triathlon. But now it almost feels like I am on a detox ... although I've never been on one so not sure how that feels really. But one thing is sure I don't like it one bit. Maybe that is a good thing so I will think twice before having wheat again.... Right now I surely don't want to go close to wheat. And that only after 2 weeks...

On a more positive note - Today I received my first order of liquid egg whites. I was gonna have it tonight but with me being so bloated I will probably have it tomorrow. I was so very excited to try it out. And now I will have to wait to have it tomorrow. I can't believe I just said that - being excited about egg whites ... HA! It is like a new food for me.

Breakfast: Porridge oats, skimmed milk, sunflower seeds & golden syrup
Snack: carrots and houmous
Lunch: Wholemeal wrap, mackerel, tomatoes, light mayo. Dessert: Mango
Snack: none
Dinner: Melon & cherries
Snack: 25gr nuts
Drinks: 3L water + squash

Exercise: none

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Today I felt ...

a change in my clothes. It seems to be a bit loser now. But I wonder if it is not my brain imaging things really now that I am on this clean diet! OK I have lost 2.5kg in the last few weeks. But surely that shouldn't show that much in my clothes so quickly. I had a size 16 (Oops!!) jeans on the other day and I could take it down without opening the buttons. So that one is probably too big unless I put in the dryer and then it might just be fine :) It made me feel much better about my body, I have to say!

Yesterday my councellor told me she could see that I lost some weight. That was very nice!! And it made me feel even skinnier... HA!

But then at work someone told me that I don't have to lose too much as I look fine. Yes that is very well to say that but that is not how I feel at all! I want a flat tummy and right now it is a wobbly tummy!!! And my BMI is 28 so that is too high. And the same person who is quite skinny is telling me that she should lose some weight and bla bla... That really p****** me off. Why is it that when I start talking about my diet (which is often I have to admit..) everyone else has to talk about theirs even when they are not trying to lose weight....
And the word "fat" I don't like at all! To me when I say I'm overweight it doesn't seem as bad as if I say I'm fat. Fat is a very negative harsh word. So I say I'm bubbly chubby :) OK rant over...

Breakfast: Porridge oats, skimmed milk, goji berries and golden syrup.
Snack: Cherry tomatoes.
Lunch: Wholemeal wrap, feta, tomato, cucumber, guacamole and tzatziki. Dessert: melon & strawberries.
Snack: Banana.
Pre-workout snack: Nakd bar
Dinner: Chicken breast, carrots & petits pois and quinoa (for the very first time!!).
Snack: none
Drinks: Cafe Latte / 3L water + squash / energy drink

Exercise: PT session

Monday, 6 July 2009

Feeling good

Still feeling good today. I feel like my life has made a turn for the better. Now that I've set my goal to do a triathlon and start a clean diet. I feel so much better.

Today I went to see my counsellor and I was on such a high I couldn't stop talking and giggling. It feels so good. And she said to me that my tummy problems are because of withdrawel symptons for wheat. Now I only realise how bad this stuff is for you. And so now I am even more motivated to stick to this new diet. I feel already a new person with a new purpose in life. I can't stop smiling. The fact that my job is not great doesn't bother me anymore. I have shifted my focus and it feels great.

I am quite tired now from all this excitements of the last couple of days. I couldn't fall asleep last night because I couldn't stop thinking about my new purpose in life. I've never felt like this before and it feels so so great. I never had a goal in my life and now I have one. For some of you it might not mean a lot but for me it is such a big deal.

Breakfast: 2 Crumpet and golden syrup
Snack: none
Lunch: wholemeal wrap, feta, cucumber, tomatoes, guacamole and tzatziki.
Snack: Nakd bar and rose grapefruit
Dinner: Bolognaise sauce (without pasta). Dessert: Cherries
Snack: none
Drinks: 3L water + squash

Exercise: None

Sunday, 5 July 2009

New goal ...

Yesterday was actually an eye opener for me. I was at the triathlon event and realised that not only fit people were doing it. There were girls that were bigger than me and the whole thing. So it made me think that maybe I could do something like that. The thing is that I am so not a competitive person. Just not finishing last would already be an amasing achievement. Something I really could be proud of. The beginner triathlon event is 200m swim, 5K bike ride and 2.5K run. All these event separately I can do but the whole point of this is to do them after eachother without a break.

I have never had any goals really in my life. And now that I realise that this might be it I am so excited and motivated. So now I have more motivation to exercise and eat healthy because of this goal. Never thought this would be like that... I can't stop smiling about it.

And also I want to find something that will keep me going once I've reached my goal weight (which right now I am not too sure what it is ...). I like cycling and running but not too keen on the swimming part. But then again the swimming part is the shortest part of the triathlon. So right now I feel good about myself and very motivated and I love it.

Breakfast: 2 crumpets and golden syrup
Snack: Banana
Lunch: Wholemeal wrap, feta cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, tzatziki and guacamole. Dessert: Cherries
Snack: Nakd bar, apple and 25gr nuts.
Dinner: Plaice, corn on the cob, courgettes. Dessert: Cherries (again...!! I love them)
Snack: not too sure yet

Exercise: 7.2K run (4.5 miles)
Drinks: Energy drink and 3L water + squash

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Buzzing .....

This morning felt extremely hungry. Not sure if it was because of the pizza I had. So had my usual porridge as a breakfast and then did the 30 min workout from Davina. I only burned 200 cal. That doesn't even cover my breakfast. So was quite disappointed with that! So decided to finish it off with a run. And I ran for another 30 min so in the end I burned 532 cal. That is much better! :)

Not writing everything down was goes into my mouth is very liberating. Right now I don't feel like I am on a diet and I still lose weight. So right now it is working for me like this. So why change something that works. Right now I focus on not eating pasta, bread and rice. So therefor I eat more veggies than before which is very good. This morning I went to Sainsbury's to buy some quinoa but couldn't find it. I was so disappointed. So will go into Windsor tomorrow to see if I find in there.

This afternoon met up with a friend that I haven't seen for 5 years or so and it was like I've seen him yesterday. It felt so good to see him again. It is great that some friendship just stay forever even if you don't see eachother often. I enjoyed it so much. I can't stop smiling. We met up a triathlon event as the wife of his friend was particitpating. And it made me think that maybe one day I could do one. My trainer keep telling me to do one. I always thought it is for fit people. And I definitely don't consider myself that at all right now. But then again it might be good to have a goal regarding my fitness! Now I just exercise because I want to lose weight but will need something to keep me going when I reached my goal weight. Because I definitely don't want to put all the weight back on! So just a thought right now... And when I saw the shape of some the girls participating in that race today then I definitely could see me do one. Some of the girls were heavier than I am right now... So that was definitely an eye opener for me....

Breakfast: Porride oats, skimmed milk, sunflower seeds and golden syrup
Snack: none
Lunch: Wholemeal wrap, feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, guacamole and tzatziki. Dessert: 2 kiwis
Snack: Pralines and cream ice cream (my absolute favourite!!!)
Dinner: Salmon, veggies, couscous. Dessert: passion fruit
Snack: 25gr nuts
Drinks: 3L water + no sugar added squash

Exercise: 30 min Davina DVD + 30 min run

Friday, 3 July 2009

Woop Woop ... 2kg gone !!!!

Woohoo I have lost 2kg this week. OK I had tummy cramps so that is probably part of the reason. But before I started to have the cramps I already lost almost a 1kg. I am over the moon. So that was my first week of wheat free diet. And I have to say that I am actually very suprised not to have given in on especially pasta. I am really proud of myself. And it didn't seem that hard in the end although I keep thinking about it. I want to give this a go for a month and see how I feel. Some people have told me that they got off pasta totally and don't really eat that more anymore. I might struggle when I go out as I love Italian food. But we'll see when I get there. I don't have any plans of going out for a meal this w-e. And I have to say with my tummy cramps I don't feel like eating too much.

Breakfast: Porrideg oats, skimmed milk, pumpkin seeds and golden syrup.
Snack: none
Lunch: Wholemeal wrap, feta cheese, tomatoes, cucmber, tzatziki and guacamole.
Snack: Nakd bar & banana
Dinner: Pollo pesto pizza (not the best choice after the week I've had with my tummy but can't get it out of my head. So will have it. Then won't have any pizza in the freezer and won't be tempted!!!)
Snack@ 25gr nuts

Exercise: Session with PT

Drinks: Cappuccino.3L water + no added sugar squash

Thursday, 2 July 2009

I am still struggling with tummy cramps. I am fine as long as I don't eat. But unfortunately a human being has to eat. Anyway went to see the doctor this morning and he gave me something for my cramps. He told me to take Colofac. And on the box it says also something about IBS. I sincerely hope I don't suffer from that. But I will have to wait and see. It is getting better though...

I have decided to go to see my trainer today. I have debated the whole day whether to go or not. But that might do me good to sweat it out. And sitting home and thinking and feeling this pain is not going to help me. So have to get out of this house. I have been home the whole day and it starts to get on my nerves. I want to see the outside world again.

Breakfast: Porridge oats, skimmed milk, pumpkin seeds and syrup
Snack: Nectarine
Lunch: Chilli con carne without rice. Dessert: Raspberries
Snack: Banana and Brazil nuts
Dinner: Wrap, feta cheese, cucumber, guacamole, tzatziki. Dessert: 2 Kiwi

Exercise: Session with PT.

Drinks: 3L water + no addes sugar squash. Energy drink.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Tummy problems

I have been suffering with severe bowel movement. Apologies if this it TMI! Not sure what the reason is for that. But it is very unpleasant and my tummy goes up and down on a regular basis. I don't think it is because I eat too much fruit as I don't eat more fruit than usual. Could it be the fact that I don't eat wheat anymore. Yesterday I saw my PT and I couldn't finish the whole session as I didn't have any energy left. I didn't like it as it felt like I failed my task. But didn't want to fall off the crosstrainer either :)

I was suppose to go for a walk with a friend and catch up on all the gossip but that was cancelled as i needed to be close proximity of a toilet. And she didn't want to come to my house and sit in my garden to catch up!!! So I ended up on the sofa in quite a lot of pain. So probably better that my friend didn't come.

As I am not feeling great it would be so easy to just have some pasta with pesto or so. Very easy. But I don't want to fall back to that routine. I have to believe that this is the right way and that I will succeed. So I will stick with what I planned yesterday.

Breakfast: Porridge, skimmed milk, pumpkin seeds and golden syrup
Snack: gooseberries
Lunch: wrap with bacon, guacamole and tzatziki. Dessert: Pineapple
Snack: Nectarine
Dinner: Chicken breast, chicory, light mayonnaise. Dessert: None
Snack: 25gr Brazil nuts

Exercise: none

Drinks: 3L water + no added sugar squash; cappuccino