Friday, 17 July 2009

Weigh in day and Happy Friday...

Today is weigh in day and I lost 300gr this week. At first I was slightly disappointed. But then I realised I lost 3.4kg in the last 4 weeks. So I think I am doing really well. And all that since I started this clean and chocolate free diet :) No way I am gonna stop now. Love this new lifestyle... Can't stop talking about it...

First day this week that I feel happy and bubbly. So for me it is definitely happy friday! After all the stress this week I feel good again. Just in time for the w-e!

Next wednesday I will go my first running club session. I am a bit nervous as I am a bit shy and running with all these people I don't know is a bit daunting for me right now! But hey we will see. My PT told me it will help me to improve my speed so I am willing to give it a go and then if I like it I will carry on and if not at least I've tried it. And I think for me it would be good to do something I like with other people and not always on my own. So I am a bit nervous but also quite excited for the moment. I'll keep you posted.

Breakfast: Porridge oats, scoop whey protein, skimmed milk and sunflower seeds
Snack: carrots
Lunch: Salad from the saladbar at work. Dessert: fruit salad
Snack: Mango
Pre-Workout: Nakd Bar
Post workout: Chocolat whey protein shake
Dinner: Chicken breast in mushroom sauce, carrots and petits pois, couscous. Dessert: Passion fruit, red currants and blueberries
Snack: 25gr nuts
Drinks: 1 Cafe Latte, 3L water & energy drink

Exercise: PT session