Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Tummy problems

I have been suffering with severe bowel movement. Apologies if this it TMI! Not sure what the reason is for that. But it is very unpleasant and my tummy goes up and down on a regular basis. I don't think it is because I eat too much fruit as I don't eat more fruit than usual. Could it be the fact that I don't eat wheat anymore. Yesterday I saw my PT and I couldn't finish the whole session as I didn't have any energy left. I didn't like it as it felt like I failed my task. But didn't want to fall off the crosstrainer either :)

I was suppose to go for a walk with a friend and catch up on all the gossip but that was cancelled as i needed to be close proximity of a toilet. And she didn't want to come to my house and sit in my garden to catch up!!! So I ended up on the sofa in quite a lot of pain. So probably better that my friend didn't come.

As I am not feeling great it would be so easy to just have some pasta with pesto or so. Very easy. But I don't want to fall back to that routine. I have to believe that this is the right way and that I will succeed. So I will stick with what I planned yesterday.

Breakfast: Porridge, skimmed milk, pumpkin seeds and golden syrup
Snack: gooseberries
Lunch: wrap with bacon, guacamole and tzatziki. Dessert: Pineapple
Snack: Nectarine
Dinner: Chicken breast, chicory, light mayonnaise. Dessert: None
Snack: 25gr Brazil nuts

Exercise: none

Drinks: 3L water + no added sugar squash; cappuccino