Saturday, 4 July 2009

Buzzing .....

This morning felt extremely hungry. Not sure if it was because of the pizza I had. So had my usual porridge as a breakfast and then did the 30 min workout from Davina. I only burned 200 cal. That doesn't even cover my breakfast. So was quite disappointed with that! So decided to finish it off with a run. And I ran for another 30 min so in the end I burned 532 cal. That is much better! :)

Not writing everything down was goes into my mouth is very liberating. Right now I don't feel like I am on a diet and I still lose weight. So right now it is working for me like this. So why change something that works. Right now I focus on not eating pasta, bread and rice. So therefor I eat more veggies than before which is very good. This morning I went to Sainsbury's to buy some quinoa but couldn't find it. I was so disappointed. So will go into Windsor tomorrow to see if I find in there.

This afternoon met up with a friend that I haven't seen for 5 years or so and it was like I've seen him yesterday. It felt so good to see him again. It is great that some friendship just stay forever even if you don't see eachother often. I enjoyed it so much. I can't stop smiling. We met up a triathlon event as the wife of his friend was particitpating. And it made me think that maybe one day I could do one. My trainer keep telling me to do one. I always thought it is for fit people. And I definitely don't consider myself that at all right now. But then again it might be good to have a goal regarding my fitness! Now I just exercise because I want to lose weight but will need something to keep me going when I reached my goal weight. Because I definitely don't want to put all the weight back on! So just a thought right now... And when I saw the shape of some the girls participating in that race today then I definitely could see me do one. Some of the girls were heavier than I am right now... So that was definitely an eye opener for me....

Breakfast: Porride oats, skimmed milk, sunflower seeds and golden syrup
Snack: none
Lunch: Wholemeal wrap, feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, guacamole and tzatziki. Dessert: 2 kiwis
Snack: Pralines and cream ice cream (my absolute favourite!!!)
Dinner: Salmon, veggies, couscous. Dessert: passion fruit
Snack: 25gr nuts
Drinks: 3L water + no sugar added squash

Exercise: 30 min Davina DVD + 30 min run