Saturday, 22 August 2009


Today was my last session with my replacement PT Angela and it was a very though session. My foot was hurting as my laces were not tight enough yesterday so it was a bit sore, I am having a cold and feel absolutely awful so unnecessary to say that the last thing I want to do is going out for a run and having someone pushing you!! But anyway I am not one to just cancel a session with no good reason. So I went totally not motivated but it was a very good session. She told me that she could really see some improvement since last week and that I was doing really well and that now I should do some sprints to increase my speed as I am quite good in long distance running. So that was very pleasing to hear! I feel so much better and don't feel so fat or overweight anymore. I can really see that my shape is changing. So I feel good and my motivation is very high right now! Long may it continue :)

Yesterday was weigh day and I put on 1 kg but the fat number on my scale went down from 35.5 to 34.7. So I wasn't too downhearted about it. I think what also helped is that my focus has changed for wanting to exercise to lose weight now it is exercising to do a triathlon next year. And can really feel a shift in my head and in the way I cope with my weight. And I feel so free from any burden of having to lose every week. Right now my fitness is my main focus and it is good. Now I realise that just focussing on weightloss wasn't good for me and often made me feel down and depressed. So this is the new me!!

Now with all this exercising I struggle to eat something afterwards. I am often home at 9pm and then can't be bothered to cook anything no even an omelette. So this week I often had porridge twice a day (breakfast and dinner). I am not too sure whether it is good. Have to find something for when I come back or maybe cook something over the w-e and freeze it. But I am not the most organised person in the world so that will need some get used too!!

Breakfast: Porridge oats, skimmed milk, sunflower seeds and choc whey protein
Pre workout: 1/2 banana
Post workout: Banana protein shake
Lunch: Cheesey omelette with 1 egg and 2 egg whites. Dessert: Cherries
Snack: watermelon and too many cashwe nuts (have to stop buying these!!)
Dinner: King prawns and a fresh tomato salad. Dessert: Melon and red currant
Drinks: 3L water, Energy drink

Exercise: Run with Angela PT


Rachel Edwards said...

Hm, maybe have a couple of boiled eggs when you get home? Or if you're thinking of making something and freezing it, both veggie filled soup or chilli is great :D Or even spag bol. Make loads..chuck in as much veg as possible..and divide it up in portions so you can just take one out at a time :) Once you have made it and worked out the calories on WLR it will enable you to plan in advance too x

DonnyFan said...

I agree with Rachel, it's all about planning. If you cook up an extra portion, (doesn't even have to be at weekends, whenever you are cooking will do it) then pop a portion into the freezer and take it out on the morning that you want to eat it. All that's needed then is a quick blast in the microwave, or a 5 minute stir on the hob.

maybe your 1kg gain last week was down to too many carbs from the porridge and so you retained a bit of fluid? (not saying that carbs puts weight on you, but you know what I mean?)