Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Frustrated with running club

I thought I was doing well with my running and my fitness. But so do not feel like it now. Today I went to the runningclub and since 3 weeks I am in the intermediate group. And keep struggling to keep up with them. The good thing is that I have found a running buddy who runs at more or less the same speed as I do. But it is so incredibly frustrating that I can't keep up with them. I have been running for a year or so and stil can't run any faster. It is soooo frustrating. I just feel like crying now. Thank God my running buddy kept being positive and telling me I was doing well otherwise I would have given up and gone home. So annoyed and demotivated right now. I just want to cancel all my session with my PT right now. Just because I think there is no point !! I thought I was getting quite fit with all the exercise I've been doing but I can tell you that right now it doesn't feel like that at all! I don't feel fat anymore but just what is the point of all this exercise if I can't even keep with the running club!! Ok will stop my moan here ... and just go to bed! :-(

Sorry for the moan. Hopefully will feel better tomorrow. But right now I just want to give up ...


DonnyFan said...

just cos you don't run at their speed doesn't mean that you're not fit!

I mentioned to you before that my running speed averages at a mere 8km/hr, which by 'running' standards is a snail's pace.

but I don't care - the very fact that I'm running at all is a huge thing for me to be proud of.

why don't you have a chat with the people that run the running club (no pun intended) and explain how you feel and see what they suggest.

it won't be the first time someone's found this, I'm sure!


Caroline said...

Yes and ue, my running buddy, kept telling me that our stamina was improving. And I burned more calories on my HRM than on any other run so that is an improvement. But for some reason it wasn't good enough for me!! I already spoke to my PT who is running the club about this and I know the problem is that there are not enough leaders as they were on holiday. So hopefully next week back to normal.
Now I've calmed down and don't feel like giving up anymore.

Thanks for your lovely message!