Friday, 28 August 2009

Lost again :)

After gaining a kilo last week I lost that kilo and an extra 400gr. So I am quite happy with that. So all the efforts are paying off... and I might have lost more if I would have a better night sleep but hey as long as it is going downward I'm happy...

For the last few days I have felt so emotional and so out of character for me. And I have felt quite sick every time I eat. Due to the infection I had at my boobs I had to take antibiotics and the doctor told me to carry on taking the pill which means I haven't had any periods last month. And I am due next week. And I am sure that is the reason but it is driving me nuts as normally I don't feel like that. I might be just a bit sensitive but not crying like that all the time!! I always thought I don't suffer from this PMT ... maybe not as bad as some but surely I am still a woman!! :)
OK well now that I know that I might be a bit nicer to myself as the last few days I was beating myself up for being so sensitive and get a grip!!

OK tonight I see my PT again. And so cannot be asked to exercise, to see him, to make any effort. I just want to go home and collapse on the sofa and watch TV. Especially as I haven't slept much the last few days and just want to sleep and wake up refreshed and happy!! Don't we all... :)
PMT ... moi??? :)

My food has been all over the place so will just forget about it today. And start again tomorrow. Hopefully my sugar cravings will have gone aswell!! Looking forward to the long bankholiday w-e!! Good timing I would say :)


Chocolatebutton said...

I always cry with PMT - its horrible x hugs xx