Friday, 21 August 2009


On WLR someone mentioned that she started skipping again. And I remember that I used to love it when I was a little girl. So last night deicded to give a go. I wasn't expecting anything from it as I haven't done for a very long time. Anyways I started and to my surprise I was able to do 150 skips in one go. So did that for 22 minutes with a 30 sec break after every 150 skips and it burned me about 200 calories. I was very pleased with myself. And will probably do it again. Now I realise how much my finess has improved. When I finished my skipping session I did 3x planks for about 45sec. So all in all a good workout for me.

After that I went to meet up with friends to the pub. And now when I go out I always look out for the healthy stuff as opposed to the hevay creamy, fatty stuff. So it looks like the shift in my haed has taken place. I hope it will stay like that for a long time. Feels good! :) So now I don't feel too bad going out as I can control what goes in my mouth...

This evening I see Angela for another run. Looking forward ot it although I am very tired and can't wait to just be home afterwards in my PJs and chilling out! :)

Breakfast: Porridge oats, skimmed milk, sunflower seeds and chocolate whey protein
Snack: 3 Oat cakes
Lunch: Mixed salad from the salad bar at work. Dessert: Cantaloupe melon
Snack: 60gr yoghurt, blueberries, red currants and 10gr. vanilla whey protein
Pre workout: Banana
Post workout: Banana protein shake
Dinner: Porridge (same as breakfast. Can't feel my legs and arms anymore after my workout so no energy to cook anything. Have to get more organised for this). Dessert: Grapes
Snack: Depends if I feel like having one.
Drinks: Cafe latte, 4L water, Energy drink

Exercise: Run with Angela PT


Chocolatebutton said...

That is pretty impressive skipping x

Rachel Edwards said...

Oooh I haven't skipped for years..glad you enjoyed it :D Nice to do something different.

Yummy sounding food for today too :) x