Sunday, 2 August 2009

Back on track....

Yesterday had a total blowout day!!! I ate everything in sight crisps, M&Ms, white chocolate, nuts.... and so on and on. I felt so sick afterwards. But glad is done and that day is over. Today was a much better day. Maybe I just needed a day like that. I've been so very good for 7 weeks or so. But I don't want to have a whole blow out day. It actually all started when I had a ready made fish pie. So now I know I shouldn't buy these things anymore. That was the only meal I still had in my freezer. So now I only have healthy stuff in my fridge-freezer.

Today I went to a Jazz concert in London with a friend and it was such a chilled out day. The weather was absolutely lovely. I really enjoyed it so much. My day started well as I ran a 7.5K and really enjoyed it. And foodwise it was good too. With this friend we had lunch and I had a warm chcken and bacon salad. I was quite pleased with my choice as it was the only healthy option on the menu. I was glad I didn't go for chips which is what I would have gone in the past. So something has clicked in my head....

Yesterday I was thinking how easy it was to just go back to old habits and stuff your face with sugary foods. But I am also very happy that my head clicked again the next day into a healthy clean diet mode.

Breakfast: Porridge oats, sunflower seeds, skimmed milk and chocolate whey protein
Snack: 100gr yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, brazil nuts and vanilla whey protein
Lunch: Warm chicken and bacon salad.
Snack: Nakd bar
Dinner: Bolognaise sauce without pasta. Dessert: Pineapple
Snack: 20gr nuts
Drinks: 3L water, energy drink and small glass rose wine

Exercise: 7.5K run