Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Manic day today!!

Today was a manic day at work. It was so busy and everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. And then to top it all off my Outlook decided to call it a day as I couldn't open any emails anymore. So tomorrow will have to go to IT to have it sorted. I have this before and IT told me that my Outlook might have been corrupted or infected!! Not good!!
But even with all the stress I had today I manage not to resort to food especially chocolate as I would have done in the past. Very proud of myself! I really feel like now I have turned a corner and can manage the stresses in life without going to chocolates. Although I am sure that some days I might still do it. But every time I don't I feel like I have achieved a big step in the right direction!! So all this clean eating (not 100% clean but definitely so much cleaner than a few months ago! So for me right now it is clean enough :)) is paying off and also cutting out pasta, bread, potato and rice is one of the best things I've ever done. I have to say when I am really tired and lazy I just want to eat pasta with pesto but apart from these moments I don't crave it anymore. Another very positive thing for me! Some people might say that you shouldn't cut out stuff of your diet. I totally agree with that but what works for me doesn't necessarily works for someone else. I am very much an all or nothing kind of person ... maybe something to do with the fact I am a gemini :)

Today my PT was back from holiday and we had a very good session... in the gym. I so hate the gym but I know it is good for me. That is probably the reason why I need a PT as I wouldn't be able to motivate me to do weights and stuff. And right now for me it is a good investment as it will make me feel better and look like a princess ... HA!

Breakfast: Porridge oats, sunflower seeds, skimmed milk and chocolate whey protein
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Peaches with tuna, egg mayonaise. (This is a dish our family used to have during summer) Dessert: 2 Nectarines
Snack: 100gr yoghurt, redcurrants, strawberries, blueberries and vanilla whey protein
Dinner: Same as breakfast - couldn't be bothered with cooking anything. My arms feel like jelly after my workout. I have to start to be more organised and cook something over the w-e and freeze it! Dessert: Grapes
Drinks: Cafe latte, 3L water and energy drink

Exercise: Gym session with PT


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