Thursday, 10 September 2009

Update on Runningclub

Yesterday was runningclub day again. After talking to my PT about how unhappy I was with it. I was a bit apprehensive on what action, if any, would have been taken! And if he took my complaining/moaning seriously. Well I can say that I could see a big change and I felt like part of the group and the leader made sure everyone was following. So I was very pleased with that!! A lot more people were there than previous time and I am happy to say that I was not the last one. Actually there were at least 4-5 people behind me! So it kind of made me go faster I think. So the last part of the run I went along with some other girls and they ran just a bit faster than me but I was able to keep up with them. Well just about! At the end I couldn't feel my legs anymore. And then I looked at my HRM and I was shocked. I burned about 834cal. I never burned that much in one session. So although I was totally exhausted I could not stop smiling. I was such a happy bunny yesterday!! Now I will probably look forward to the running club again as opposed to last few weeks where I didn't really want to go.

But then when I got home I was so shattered that I couldn't bother preparing something to eat so just had some oat cakes and Trek flapjack and some fruit. I really struggle to eat something or preparing something after the runningclub. Often once I am back and had a shower it is often after 9pm and then I don't want to eat to much as I won't have time to digest it before going to bed. So have to find something for that. Still getting used to my new routine especially with the runningclub.

And now I am going on holiday for 2 weeks. And obviously I very very excited. I am also nervous how I will cope foodwise. As so far I did found my routine that worked for me. And will be messed up while on holiday. But I can't have that ruin my holiday. Funny how before I wouldn't worry about these things and now this is the first thing I am thinking about. With my friend who is also a runner we have decided to book hotels with fitness or pool. And I will take my skipping rope with me too!!

Breakfast: Porridge oats, sunflower seeds, skimmed milk, choc whey protein
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Chilli no rice. Dessert: Melon
Snack: 100gr yoghurt, blueberries, strawberries,ed currant and vanilla whey protein
Dinner: Porridge (same as breakfast). Dessert: Peach and Nectarine
Snack: 4 Ricecakes
Drinks: 1 Cafe atte, 3L water

Exercise: None


FatToLean said...

you sounds liek a proper runner :)
go you...834 cals too, how long was that? Am seriously thinking about joining a running club too.

Caroline said...

HAHA! I never considered myself as a proper runner! We ran for about 1.15hr. But I can tell you that now my legs are so very sore!! But at least I know I have worked hard :)

FatToLean said...

I ran for an hour on Wednesday and only did 503 cals. My HR was 170 steady. I didnt manage a run yesterday as they felt heavy, I'm looking fwd to sprint today and lower body weights! I dont mind DOMS over the weekend.