Saturday, 12 September 2009

Online dating

I have been on an online dating for some time now and right now I think I will stop this for a while or maybe forever. I don't know yet. Reason being is that some men I have been chatting online with often said that they really enjoy chatting to me and that we should meet upp. And when it came down to have something organised they didn't bother replying to emails or messages. And right now I have more than enough of men with no balls. Why on earth would you tell someone that it is great chatting to just to be nice. I don't get it!! So right now I am just gonna stop it for the time being and see what happens. Anyway I am going on holiday in 2 weeks time and then after that will start my triathlon training and will meet people there too. So that is why I want to take a break of it. I know a lot of people that have met their partner onlin but it obviously is not something for me ... or maybe now is not the right moment!! Time will tell... The reason why I was so down for the last few days is probably because of that. I was suppose to go on a date tomorrow and the guy in question hasn't confirmed it yet!!! So am not happy at all about it as I was really looking forward to it... I have enough of crying about it and decided enough is enough. Time to enjoy life and not to be miserable. I feel like I have been moaning and complaining a lot and that is so not like me. This holiday couldn't come at a bette time!!! I cannot wait ... the next 2 weeks are going to be the longest of my life :)

Today went running with my PT and it was great. After the run we went for a coffee and he had a sandwich. It was nice to do that. He keeps paying for this which is nice. It is nice to have a PT that takes care about the social side too!! So in the end it was a total of 2.5hr that I was away with him. 1.15hr running + walking back to the club and I have burned over 700 calories. I was very happy about that... And then in the evening I met with some friends which was very nice too and so my spirits are on the up again....

I realise too that I am emotionally drained right now and cannot cope with too many emotional stuff right now. So that is why this holiday couldn't come at a better time. So after my holiday my posts should be more positive and cheerful and full of zest :)

Thanks for reading!!