Thursday, 3 September 2009

I so desperate need to get away. Every year it is the same story. I get totally fed up with everything at this time of the year. Probably because the summer is coming to an end and maybe because I haven't been aways for 3 months. I never tend to go away then as I found it too expensive. So now I am so totally fed up with everything and I am so emotional. It is unbelievable!! My next holiday is in 4 weeks. And I hear you saying that it is going to be here in no time.And deep down I probably know that but right now it is no consolation.

Last night went to the running club and didn't enjoy it as the weather was torrential. After just a few minutes I was totally soaked. And since I am struggling at the back end of the group I got so fed up, frustrated,.... that I decided to go back. My running partner totally agreed and both of us went back. I was so furious that there was no leader in sight of anyone for that matter. And I thought it was totally out of order. But my running partner didn't make much of it. And then after getting some comments and advice from people on WLR I realised that my emotions were getting the better of me!!

Because I am very much a black or white type of girl.... I wanted to stop the running club, my personal trainer, any attempt to train for a triatlon,... but talking to a friend I realised that this was very silly. And that I have to carry on as I feel so much better for it. And if I didn't do the exercise part I would really go down the depressed route and that obviously I don't want!!

My diet is all over the place right now and I can't even be bothered with it! I gave up bread 3 months ago and I was fine and didn't miss it!! Well since 2-3 days I've had sandwiches with egg mayo and felt incredibly bloated and didn't even enjoy it!! I won't put my food down as my fruit/veg count is shocking!!
My weight has stayed the same so that is still good. Right now it is a bit of a struggle and feel sorry for myself!! I know a bit silly but can't help it....
Hopefully this feeling will go soon as I don't really like it!!

But on a positive note I found the joy of skipping! And I absolutely love it and feel like a little girl again :) So as long as I keep exercising I am sure my weight will remain the same and maybe even lose a bit!! Right now I have to get my head in the right frame of mind. Any suggestions....

Hopefully my next post will be full of positive vibes... ;)


Chocolatebutton said...

Hey you x Do you want to pm me you email again - I have done similar things to you recently and have to get back on track - we can do together if you think that would help?