Sunday, 6 September 2009

I am happy that I feel like my old self again. I feel my head is clear again and I can deal now with everything that life will throw at me. Unlike last week every little thing made me cry and get irritated. Yes I know that what PMT does to you but gosh I just would like to be guy just for then... :)

Anyway this morning played tennis with a friend. It was good fun. But am such a slow starter especially when we start to play in the morning ... well morning it was 11 but still couldn't get going. I am like a diesel that needs time to warm and once there then it is great. It is the same when I go running. But after that 30 min I played really well and it was such good fun and burned about 500cal so quite pleased with it all! But after that I felt like my legs were gonna fall off. I might have done a bit too much this week. Not too sure really. But I have done something of Cardio every single day. I feel really so good about doing that.

On Saturday I was running with my PT and I was telling him that when I go to the runningclub I don't finish the run - this is what happened last week. Then I feel like I failed. And he told me that I shouldn't think like that. Even only half a run is better than nothing. And I know he is right but my brain doesn't function like that at the moment. And I found it hard to be happy when I don't finish something off completely. I know I am too harsch on myself but for me it is hard not to be...

And then this afternoon I have done some washing, ironing (that I was suppose to do for the last weeks) and then made some delicious spinach soup and also a chilli. So now I have no excuse to eat bread at lunch. As this my tummy does not like bread at all!! I am so happy that I cut that out of my diet. Some of my friends told me that I was too extreme with it but now I see how unhappy my tummy is with this. So now I know for a fact that I have made the right decision.

And another good news ... I will go on a date hopefully this week!! Looking forward to it. I've been chatting to this guy online and it was a lot of fun. Will keep you posted ....

Breakfast: Porridge oats, sunflower seeds, skimmed milk and choc whey protein
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Oat cakes with philly light. Dessert: Cherries
Snack: Flapjack cherry
Dinner: Lentils and sausage. Dessert: Grapes
Snack: not too sure
Drinks: 4L water, 1/2 glass of wine (the rest I have used in my chilli :))

Exercise: 1.20hr Tennis singles


Chocolatebutton said...

Glad to see youre back on track hun x will email you tomorrow! Good luck with the date - how exciting xx