Saturday, 5 September 2009

Normal service has resumed ... :)

I start to be myself again after a week where my emotions got the better of me. And it didn't feel like it was me but someone else.

I am very grateful for the people on WLR who have given me great advise and support. And even one person give me a good kick in backside ... and that was exactly what I needed. Now my hormones are back were they are suppose to be and hopefully will stay there for a while!! So today I feel so much more positive and happy with myself. I can definitely see some changes in my bodyshape and some more definition. And that feels so great. All the efforts are worth in the end. Especially as last week I was about to give up on all my PT training, runningclub, triathlon. Now I am more motivated to carry on and start my training for a triathlon.

Yesterday I did talk to my PT about the runningclub as he is running it. I told him about my struggles and unhappiness about it and that things have to change. And we tried to see how we could change it. And I was very happy that he is a very open in changing things when they are not working. I was going to talk about it with him as for the last 6 months or so I have been complaining not so much about him or his sessions but more about my health as I have been struggling, my social life that wasn't like I want it to be and my work which I don't like too much. So didn't want to now moan about the runningclub. But as he was the one bringing it up I didn't feel so bad anymore. And now I feel so relieved that I got it off my chest. Because I can moan about it to everyone but if I don't tell the person who can change it then nothing will happen. So yes glad this week is over and now I can just chill and relax and admire my new found body ... HAHAHAHA Still a long way to go but so happy with results so far... I almost start to feel skinnier...

I will post my food on here a bit later. I don't know yet what I will have later on....