Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Normal service has resumed .....

Funny that since I wrote this quite depressing post I have picked myself up again and feel much better about everything now. Writing things down is very liberating and helps me to put everything into perspective again ... :)

I have decided to start counting calories again. I stopped doing that for a long time and it worked fine back then. But right now I need some structure again and feel quite happy with that decision. I am quite motivated right now to stick to the calories and eat healthy. That is a great feeling! I have changed my weigh in day to Tuesday so that feels quite different too! I used to be Fridays.

I was feeling quite sick yesterday but still went to my PT session. Once I got there I thought this is not the best decision I've ever made. But after 10 min into the session I felt a bit better. And we did the most of the exercises sitting down. The only thing standing up I did was the crosstrainer and after 8-9 minutes I started to feel quite dizzy but still did the full 10 minutes. I don't like to give up. I already felt like I wasn't doing well as I didn't burn a lot of calories. But then again it is better to do what I've done than being miserable on my sofa! I still burned about 360 calories. At some point I thought I wouldn't even get to 200.... So all in all it is not too bad after all!
I won't be doing any exercises till Saturday as I still don't feel quite right and am very busy too. Sometimes I push myself too much to exercise when not feeling great and then I suffer later on. So decided to just chill out and then from Saturday go for it again :)

Even though I haven't watched my food for the past 4 weeks or so my clothes still feel the same. Until today I have been exercising almost every day. Sometimes it was just a short run of 30 minutes. But now I see that all these small things help not to put on weight.... And I was walking the dog every evening. Now I am more convinced to get a dog. I love them and it is good to get out too and love the company it gives you ....

I will start writing down my food again too.

Breakfast: Oatso simple golden syrup + 180ml skimmed milk
Snack: Apple
Lunch: 6 Wholegrain ryvitas, 2x mini pots philly extra light, Chicken soup (sachet!! Not the best clean eating food but have to finish the box... as I don't like to throw things away!) Dessert: 2 Satsumas
Snack: Trek flapjack
Dinner: Roast chicken + salad + home made dressing
Snack: Protein shake
Drinks: 1 cafe latte, 3L water

Exercise: none