Monday, 16 November 2009

1st Sprint session...

Yesterday was the 1st time I did a proper sprint session. We did 5 sets of 5 trees. I have no idea of the distance it was but I suppose something around 50-70 metres. I think I went flat out as I struggle breathing afterwards and there was no way I could jog until the next set. So I just walked in between sets. I have to say that I was quite proud of myself that I managed 5 sets flat out. My PT kept telling me that these flat out sessions will help me a lot with my running – especially as I want to run faster. So from now on I will include some sprint session in my weekly workout. I found a 50m stretch just round the corner. I will start with that and see where it gets me. I have to say today my legs are absolutely killing me. I can hardly walk on the stairs. But I still want to do a gentle run later on with my friends dog. Or maybe just a power walk… but would rather do a run.

Yesterday food was atrocious and by the end of the evening I felt absolutely sick. I didn’t know how to sit on my sofa because I was so uncomfortable. Gosh that was painful. So from today this crap food has to stop. The thing is because my friends are staying with me and they have plenty of naughtiness in the house – I can’t stop myself from having some of it. And obviously the some of it turns into a major binge… I don’t think I have put a lot of weight as my clothes still feel the same. But I can see quite a few spots of my face and that is the direct result of crisps and choccies. So they have to go rapidly.

What I really feel right now is that after work I really need to have some fresh air. I never felt the urge before. So now when I get home and get changed and go for a run or a walk with the dog. I hope when my friends will be gone I will still carry on doing it! I think I will. Exercising is now a big part of my life. I just have to sort out my food. I know that once my friends will be gone I will go back to my healthy eating habits. It is a funny thing that ... having your friends staying with you is great but there always comes a day when you have enough and want your space again. And as soon as they leave you will miss them terribly!!! Especially these friends once they leave they go back to France and I might not see them for a few months...

On Saturday saw this guy for the 2nd time and I had a nice time. We seem to get on well and he is of a calm nature ... which is just what I need. Now I just wonder whether he is not too calm for me. But we will see. We have the same interests and we can't stop talking when we are together ... So it is all good for now!

I will start writing my food down again once everything goes back to normal.

Exercise: Gentle 5K run with the dog