Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Eventful run!

I had a very stressed day yesterday with my boss. I just could feel the stress as I was hungry all the time. I now realise that when I am stressed I am hungry. Or that is what I thought but now I realise it is not hunger at all!! Anyway I got home and went for a run with my friends dog. I needed to get out and have some fresh air. I was quite proud of myself that I didn't go for the choccies...

So off we went for that run. And because I was so stressed I started off at quite a fast pace. And I loved it. The weather was cold and crispy just how I like it!! And then after about 10-15 min we passed a garden where the firework just got off. And the dog got really scared and shot off across the road. Thank God he was on a leach. Well as she was so scared and nervous I decided to run back. And again the pace was still quite fast as the dog was so nervous and just wanted to go home. So in the end I did just 25 min but at such a fast pace. It felt I ran for much longer. All in all it was good fun ... probably more for me than for the dog.

When I got back from my run my friend had been cooking a lovely healthy meal with lots of veggies. So that part was excellent yesterday and today had a salad from the canteen. So right now it is going well again. And it makes me feel better too!

On Wednesday my sister is coming and will get me more belgian choccies... Of course an offer I can't refuse! I think if I stay the same this month then I've done very well... but as I am not weighing myself now. It will be the clothes telling me how well I'm doing.

This morning I tried on a skirt that this summer was still a bit tight. And this morning it fit just perfectly. So very happy me today :)

Here is my food:
Breakfast: 50gr porridge oats, 100ml skimmed milk, 10gr sunflower seeds and 25gr choc whey protein
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Mixed salad + dressing. Dessert: Mango
Pre-workout: Banana + almond nut butter and protein shake
Post workout: Protein shake
Dinner: My friend is cooking so not too sure what it will be. But probably again a lot of veggies..
Snack: 25gr nuts
Drinks: Cappucino, 3L water and Energy drink

Exercise: PT gym session


Chocolatebutton said...

Ahh poor doggie x firework night was last week!! wish they were just restricted to the actual night!!

Good for you on the run though :-) xx