Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I'm happy to have my food again under control. And I am motivated to eat healthy and keep exercising. My friend make a delicious meal with lots of veggies and pasta. And it was lovely and felt very good that I am not letting everything go out of the window because my friends are staying with me! They saw the big change in me and my shape and didn't want to ruin it by not cooking/eating healthy stuff! I thought that is very nice of them...

I have decided to weigh myself when they are gone so that is probably in 2 weeks. And will see how well I've done. My clothes are still fitting the same so I don't think I have put a lot of weight. But I will let you know once it is there. Still very happy with myself that I haven't given in ... yet! But it is getting harder every day. Retraining your brain is not always an easy thing to do!

My sister is arriving tonight and is leaving on Friday again. As my friends are staying with me she will stay in a hotel close to where I live. It is all a bit very busy right now! In the past I would have let go of all my healthy habits and just eating crap food. I am very proud of myself that I have changed and see the benefits of being healthy.

Food for today:
Breakfast: Porridge oats, skimmed milk, sunflower seeds and chox whey protein
Snack: Apple and pear
Lunch: Left over dinner (Yummy!) which is lots of veggies in a bouillon with pasta. Dessert: Satsumas
Pre-workout: Banana + almond nut butter and Protein shake
Post-workout: Protein shake
Dinner: going with my sister. And totally no idea where to go... Probably somewhere in Windsor
Drinks: Cappucino, 3L water and Energy drink

Exercise: PT session in the gym