Friday, 6 November 2009

Happy Friday!!

So happy it is Friday! Am actually totally shattered... Can't keep my eyes open really! Had a quite challenging week (emotionally) but managed to get through it with flying colors... So quite pleased with that!

Yesterday afternoon had half a day off and went shopping with the girls - all stuff for my house. And we had so much fun! It felt like we were back to our silly girls giggling days. And it was fab!! We were all flirting with the sales guys in the shops and they loved it to have 3 girls flirting with them....!!! I even got a date out of it! He is not my type at all (I am not even sure if he is going to call me) but it was just so much fun... :)

I haven't weighed myself for the last for almost 2 weeks and sofar I feel fine about it. Although I was quite tempted this morning to go on the scales. But will wait till I really can't wait anymore.

Right now I am exercising 5x a week. And I am very happy about that. For the moment doing it 6x a week is really a struggle especially as my friends are there and my routine is totally messed up. Hopefully next week should be easier. But still managed to do it 5x this week with my routing messed up. So quite pleased with that too!

Tonight I am going with the Canadian gang again. Right now I am so tired but I know that once I leave my work my energy levels will be up again :) And this w-e I am not doing anything special so will have plenty of time to chill out and sleep!! And sort out my veggies as have to up that in a big way!

It is weird honow that I don't weigh myself anymore on a regular basis that I don't seem to worry to much about my weight. I realise now that whether I am 1 kg less or more doesn't make me any happier. One of the things that makes me happy is to be around lovely people, still exercising 5x a week, running with the dog ... And the weight is not really that important anymore for the time being! I hope it will stay like this. For the moment I realise that numbers are just numbers and they shouldn't rule your mood!! It took me a very long time to get to this point. But boy what am I glad now that I manage that...

My food today is not going to be great. I will have porridge for breakfast and for lunch. I couldn't be bothered to think this morning about what to have. And I absolutely love porridge so that is not really an issue for me!!

This morning my kitchen scale died ... or better said the battery died! And I got really very irritated that I couldn't weigh my porridge, seeds and whey protein... So I had to guess and I am absolutely not good at this guessing game.. So will definitely have to get some new batteries!!

Happy friday to you all!!



DonnyFan said...

check out RHIGEEBEE's post on the Weigh In board on WLR for 5th November (she posted it at 09.15) it sums up what you just said and really brought a smile to my face :-)

when I'm doing my normal exercising (when fit and healthy which I'm sadly not at the moment) it's usually 5 times a week. whilst I would love to do 6 times I just don't have the time! But better to do 5 and give it your best than do 6 and be half hearted doncha think?