Tuesday, 1 December 2009

New start ... again

Today my healthy lifestyle starts again. I had friends over for the last 4 weeks and decided not to log anything and just enjoy their company. I still carried on with the exercising though. This morning I got on the scales and I put on 1kg. I was quite pleased that it wasn't more. So now I hope it will go off quite quickly...

My new weigh in day is now Tuesday. It used to be Friday but wanted to do things differently and starting it on a different day might do the trick! So my start weight is 84.4kg. As per WLR I should get to my weight goal which is 70kg by June next year. Just in time for the bikini weather ... :)

Not too sure why but I am quite excited about it all ...again!!

Exercise wise is still gonna be quite low as I am recovering from a nasty bug. I have been suffering from dizziness, shakiness and general no energy whatsoever. I had it since last Thursday and decided to give my body a rest and only start exercising again once my body gives me the go ahead!!

Here is my food for today:
Breakfast: Oatso simple golden syrup and 180ml skimmed milk
Snack: Apple
Lunch: 104gr wholewheat pasta and LF pesto. Dessert: Pear
Snack: 100gr yogurt, 60gr blueberries and 80gr strawberries and 10gr vanilla whey protein
Dinner: Salmon and asparagus gratin. Dessert: 2 satsumas
Snack: TBC
Drinks: 3L water

Exercise: None


Chocolatebutton said...

Mmmm your days food sounds yummy x think i owe you a reply to an email - sorry will check xxx