Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Today the dizzyness has make way for a heavy cold. Considering that everyone in the office is sneezing and coughing it is not a surprise that I get it now too. But I'd rather have a cold than dealing with dizzyness. That was pretty awful. At least a cold is just a cold. It can make you feel really rundown but it is just a cold after all!!

I won't do any exercises till Saturday when I see my PT again. I was debating earlier if I would go for a run. But have decided against it. As my body was telling me to take it easy and that is what I am going to do. Maybe I was overdoing it a bit too before I got ill and my immune system went downhill.

Anyway on Friday I go on a date. It is the 3rd time we meet up. I think I quite like the guy. I am definitely looking forward to it. I haven't been on a 3rd date for ages so hopefully I will still be happy on Saturday. He seems quite keen though ... which is good!

Saturday I have a big party to go to where there will be lots of drinking, eating and dancing involved. I am really looking forward to it. We have it every year and it is such great fun!

Breakfast: Oatso simple Sweet cinnamon and 180ml skimmed milk
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Bagel + philly light basil. Dessert: 2 Satsumas
Snack: 100gr yogurt, 80gr strawberries, 60gr blueberries and 10gr vanilla whey protein
Dinner: Fish pie. Dessert: Pear
Snack: TBC
Drinks: 3L water, 2 Cappucino skinny Nescafe

Exercise: None


Chocolatebutton said...

OOh good luck for the date how exciting x hope you are soon feeling better hugs xx

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