Thursday, 10 December 2009

Back to the runningclub ...

And I loved it! I was very nervous as I haven't been since September. I went back to the beginners and I really enjoyed it! It was a good pace for me and I still earned another 600 calories for one hour. So I was very pleased with myself. So I have decided to carry on going now and stay with the beginners till my fitness picks up again. As after 2 weeks of no activity whatsover due to a nasty bug i could see that I've lost my fitness quite a bit! Amasing how in 2 weeks you can lose so much of your fitness. But hey now I am more motivated again to keep going. I think sometimes a break can help to refocus and put more effort into things. The only thing that I am not gonna do this week is to push it.

A while back I wanted to exercise 6 times a week and never managed to do so. So now I have decided to stick with the 5x a week and not get stressed about the 6x. For me 5x is pretty good going and if I can keep that up then I will be very happy when the Bikini season is there :) I can't even remember last I had a bikini!!

Good day to you all!