Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Dog run!

This morning went running with my friends dog. She is such a lovely dog - beige labrador! Anyway this morning set my alarm to go for a walk with her but as it was cold and brisk outside I decided to go running. By the way absolutely love to run in this type of weather!! Much better than a hot sunny day...
I really enjoyed it. I did my usual about 5K run in about 34 min. So I was quite impressed as running with a dog for the first time is not always the easiest thing to do! Especially as in the beginning she was sniffing everything. Which is quite normal for a dog :) but after a few minutes she got the message that we were going for a run and not a leisurely walk. She loved it too. I might do it again while they are here...

Tomorrow I will be taking half a day off in the afternoon so I can go shopping with the girls and hopefully not be too emotional about it. But we'll see what happens. They know why I am like that so that makes it easier. I am quite excited to have half a day off now and go shopping.

This is my food for today: (getting back in my good habits although the veg counts is still very poor)

Breakfast: Porridge oats, sunflower seeds, skimmed milk and choc whey protein
Snack: pear
Lunch: Rice cakes and philadelphia light basil. Dessert: pomegranate and mango
Pre-workout: Banana and almond nut butter. Protein shake
Post workout: Protein shake
Dinner: Probably my lovely porridge again
Snack: Not too sure about that.
Drinks: 1 caffee latte and 4L water

Exrecise: 34 min run with the dog + PT session