Monday, 26 October 2009

This morning...

So after my chat with my PT on Saturday I decided that I should exercise 6 times a week. So my day off will be on the Friday. Yesterday I was so shattered from my busy busy w-e I didn't go for a run. I didn't have much energy at al. So I did squats, lunges, arm dips, planks and starjumps - 3 sets of all. When I was out with my PT we did go to a sportshop and I bought some new running shoes. I had them on yesterday and am very happy with them. I wanted pink ones but didn't have tham so decided to buy them in puple/lilac type of color.

This morning set my alarm for 7am (1hr before I am usually get up) to go for a run as I wouldn't ahve time to do it tonight. My alarm went off and was debating for 10-15 min whether I should go for a run or not! But then I decided as I am awake I can aswell just go. So off I went and ran for 30min. I am very happy with myself. Especially as I am so not a morning person. And exercising at 7am is not something I would do!! I always thought that it was for dedicated people and I never thought I was one of them!! Now I am here sitting at work and my legs are quite sore! But I feel very happy and proud of myself that I've done it!! It is not something I will do every morning but when I can't exercise in the evening I will get up early and do it then! What a change in attitude for me!! I think the chat with my PT has spurred me on to exercise more as I definitely don't want to go on this treadmill ever again!!!! Just say the word treadmill and I will get up at 7am to go for a run :)

I wanted to do things differently after my holiday. Well that is one of the many things I am doing differently. And I feel great so will carry on doing it!!

Hope you all have a good Monday!!



deisegirl said...

Yay! I am not a morning person either but I have to get up early to travel a long distance to work so a couple of mornings of week I just get up extra early and exercise for half an hour. I used to do it four mornings a week but found myself so tired and so hungry all day but I think one or two days is perfect as it frees up my evenings. The worst thing is when you set the alarm and then don't get up anyway but that is just natural I think. It's nice to break out of your normal routine now and then and shake things up :-)