Friday, 30 October 2009

Had a very busy day at work today. It always seems that Friday is the busiest day of all. And that is the one day that I just want to wind down and be ready for the w-e! :)

Was suppose to go running yesterday but didn't get round to it. Or better I couldn't be asked to get changed... So there goes my 6x exercising this week. But hey 5x is pretty good too!! Tonight I am going out with the Canadian gang again. It is funny how now I am more nervous than last week... I always think that my shyness will come in the way of meeting people but last week went very well. So not too sure why there are so many nerves today.

Tomorrow I am going on a date. It will be the first time we meet. It could be that I am nervous because of that. So we'll see! I am looking forward to seeing him though... but it is always a bit nerveracking when you meet for the first time!! Will report on my date later on....

So have decided not to weigh myself every day anymore. I just don't want to be hung up on these numbers. So will try to weigh myself once a month or so. I was suppose to weigh today but didn't and don't feel anxious about it or that I miss something! So hopefully it will stay like this.

Hope you all have a good w-e!



Chocolatebutton said...

Ooh have a lovely time tonight and good luck with the date :-) look forward to hearing how it went xx