Saturday, 17 October 2009

So happy it is w-e and I can sleep and sleep and sleep more!! I am still recovering from my jet lag. I can't believe it is taking that long to recover from it!

Today saw my counselor after a break of 6 weeks. This is the longest break I had since I started my sessions with her. And so much has happened that I forgot actually where to start. Especially as now I feel much happier again. And also writing stuff down in my blog helps to release all the emotional stress/tension (or however you want to call it!) so I kind of forgot all that happened. I even forgot how bad I felt before my holiday. This is the new ME! Doing things differently as I definitely don't want to be in the same position as before my holiday. My head feels free of all issues and it feels I can just enjoy life again :)

Went for a 5K run this afternoon in 34 min... not very fast but I really enjoyed it! Now at least I have something to work from. My aim is to do this under 30min. There is some hard work to do there :) I love this colder weather for the running. It is so refreshing to go out! I prefer this than when it is much warmer...

Next week am gonna see some of my closest friends and can't wait to see them and get loads of hugs!! They always make me feel special, gorgeous and beautiful!! Sorry sound cheesy ... but they really make you feel special and getting all these hugs is just fab!! I love hugs...

I found this lovely ice cream. It is Greek yogurt with honey and almonds. It is absolutely gorgeous. Wasn't sure when I bought it. And it was only 126 cal for 100gr... just enough for me!
Yum Yum Yum Yum