Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A few days ago a good friend send me belgian chocolates - the ones I love!! I said previously that I was going to keep them for a month. Well I am not doing well at all on that front as almost half of what I received I've already eaten... Not good! I know I am a chocolate monster and once I have them in the house then it is like an urge for me to eat them. There is not such thing as keeping it for another day... If I don't have them I am fine. It is not like I desperately need them! So now I am convinced it must be in my head... As I can honestly not have any piece of chocolates for months and I am fine... So what is it??? Well I've no idea... I thought now I would be able to master my chocolate urge... but NO is the answer!! But as I am enjoying it so much I am not prepared to give them up.

So decided that I have to exercise more when I have choccies!! So this week I will be exercising 6 times a week. First for all the choccies I already have and will have and the other reason is that there is no way that my PT is going to put me on this treadmill if I don't achieve any results by the end of November. A friend told me that 6x a week is a lot. It might be for some people but untill my holiday I was exercising about 4-5 times a week. So this is just once more in that week. But now that my sessions with my PT are much tougher I might have to review that. I just want to try it and see if I can do it. And if not I will go back to 5x a week.

Foodwise is still not great! I can't seem to get going in eating more veggies. I still eat more than enough fruit. And every week I tell myself that I have to eat more veggies. But sofar it hasn't gone into my brain yet! Maybe next week :)

On Sunday my best friend, her partner and the dog are coming over for a visit and staying with me for a few weeks. I am not too sure for how long. But I am so excited to see them again. They live in the South West of France and the last time I saw them was back in May. And my friend's partner is such a great cook. I am sure I won't have to worry about eating enough veggies then :) This is going to be such a luxury. I jsut have to buy the stuff and tell her what I want and she will cook it!!! Love it - Love it - love it!! :)



Chocolatebutton said...

Glad all is going well for you hun xxx

DonnyFan said...

so long as you have at least 1 rest day a week then working out on the other 6 days, so long as it's different stuff, should be fine.

anything to get them calories to cover the choc ;-)