Thursday, 15 October 2009

More positive today ...

Feeling much better today. My head is clearer and my spirits are up again. But I am still very tired. The jetlag is really taking its toll. It is taking much longer than I ever imagined. But hey one more day to go after this one and then I can have a major lie in! Can't wait for that!

I have this funny (is probably not the right way to describe it!) feeling that my life is going to change radically for the better. So that nothing will be like before. It is really strange but in a way I love it. As I am definitely up for something different. I keep thinking about what it might be. It is like now I am ready to make change and now waiting for the changes to come to me. I already feel that my focus has changed from before my holiday.

One thing that I don't like is routine... And I am sure I won't be the only one feeling like that after a holiday where there was no routine whatsoever. Loved it to just get up and discover the world!! Was bliss :)
I also realise that you need a routine in life but this is not much fun! So have to find a way of making it exciting and fun!! Unfortunately can't change the time I start work or see my PT and stuff like that but everythign else has to be more exciting ... Any ideas?

I will start with writing my food down from next week as this week is not very good. I eat a lot of fruit and have a soup but apart from that the veggies are very low and in the evening I am too tired to cook. As I haven't much on this w-e I will cook some meals and freeze them.



deisegirl said...

Know what you mean about the joy of just waking up on holiday and doing what you want. I always try to make the most of that when I am on holiday but yeah routine is necessary for most of us...unless we're filthy rich and footloose & fancy free, hee!

Not doing too well on fruit and veg myself this week, had to stop at the shop on the way home and stock up!!

Caroline said...

Yeah maybe that is what I am missing ... a rich Canadian bloke with a nice place in Vancouver... hmmmm That is probably why I am still single... HAHA!