Friday, 26 June 2009


Yesterday spent the whole day at Wimbledon. It was a very last minute thing but enjoyed every minute of it! I love the buzz and the atmosphere but it is definitely not good for my diet. I know one day doesn't ruin your diet. But I always feel like I've ruined it. Today started again and my diet week starts on a Friday.
Today I read an article about not weighing yourself but measuring yourself. I wish I could not go on the scales but it is stronger than me and just measuring myself. But since I haven't felt any difference in my clothes I haven't measured myself to avoid the disappointment.
I have exercised a lot since January but have only lost a measly 2 kg. Very disappointing! But my fitness has improved a great deal. So that is the positive side of it! I wonder when will I see and feel a difference in my clothes. At the moment it is a bit frustrating as size 16 is too big but size 14 is just a bit tight. So nothing really fits me!
I really gets to me as I get very little reward for all the efforts I put in. And yes I have been away 3 times since January but still I would have expected a bigger loss in weight or size. But not much seem to shift. So now for the next 11 weeks I am not going anywhere so hopefully I will see a difference. My target date is 25th September. That is when I go on holiday and want to be a good confortable size 14. So fingers crossed!