Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Boring day!!

Today was a very boring day at work but managed to stay off the chocolates which is a big achievement for me! At the moment really struggle with someone at work. I can't put it beside me and forget about it. I like to be treated in the right way but it is not really happening right now! I wish I could just shrug it off my shoulders and move on. But I am too sensitive for that. I will probably feel better in a couple of days. I will probably have to talk to him but I so hate confrontations...
I saw my PT today and we went for an hour long run and I feel so much better now. It was so nice to go outside even though it was very hot. My running is going really now and it so pleasing when I can see improvements. Especially as my weight is not going down very fast.
I am so focused on my exercising now that I can't imagine one day not exercising. It is a really weird thing for me as I've never been like that before. Maybe this is it where I will keep the weight off...

Daily Cal Quota: 1540
+ Exercise Cals: 512
Total Cal Quota: 2052
Calories Consumed: 1710
Calories Left: 342