Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Weigh in

Weigh in today … and what a nice surprise it was! I lost 1.7 kg this week. I couldn’t believe as I normally never lose that much in one week. And then I’ve been going out twice this week! So upping my exercising has really paid off this week by the looks of it!
And the other really great thing is that since I started the kettle bells my fat has gone down too. I’ve only done kettle bells twice but in these 2 weeks it has gone down from 34.3kg to 32.8kg which is massive for me! And I know that this is not an accurate number but just seeing this number going down is absolutely fantastic for me! So kettle bells is definitely the way to go for me! I love it. It is so very very hard work !! It is only a 30 min session but I don’t think I could do any longer right now! And when I see the benefits of it I don’t really need to do it any longer! And the other thing which is great is that it replaces my weight workout at the gym! And for me this is big as I really dislike the gym so much. And now I have found something I really like and see the result very quickly! So very happy indeed today :)

I have also upped my loss rate to 750gr/week now so it will push to exercise more too. Now I exercise 5 times a week and it is really do-able! I don’t feel like I have to force myself! Right now I love the exercising and am so very motivated also regarding my food! It has been a long time that I have felt like that. And I really love it! Long may it continue…

In May I am going on a girly holiday to Marrakech and want to have lost around 8kg. So I am on a mission but at this rate I might get there even sooner than that!!

Have a great day!!