Friday, 8 January 2010

Emotional Eating

This week I have realised that I have struggled more than usual with emotional eating. A few things happened this week and this has caused it! I think I always had issues with that but ever since I am exercising 4-5 times a week I got it under control. But this week probably due to the fact that with the snow/ice I can’t go running and my exercise regime is gone to pot!! Now I also realise how much I rely on my routine and when it gets messed up I do not have a B plan! And now I have to have a B plan as the snow/ice is not gonna go for the next week or so!
First of all I don’t really like the gym but I know that it is good for me! And was in a routine where I was happy with it. Now again because of the weather conditions I have been gone running since before Christmas and it really gets on my nerves. The buzz I get from running is fab but I don’t get that from a weight session! I know I have to carry on with the weight session as I can see the changes in my shape. So basically I will be so happy when the snow has melted and I can go for my runs again. I missed it soooo much. Ok this is extreme weather conditions but why is it that I feel despondent of the weather. Up till now it has never affected me that way. And now I start to resent the snow. And in the past I loved the snow. It is so beautiful!!

On a positive note – I am going to Belgium this weekend for the 50th birthday of my brother in law. And this is probably just what I need right now. I haven’t seen my family in ages. So it will be good to catch up with them … although quite short!! And hopefully when I am back it will give the kick I need to get on the wagon again. I thought I was so motivated after the New Year but it has waded very quickly!! I have been attacked by the cookies monster 2 days in a row and that has to stop now! I will give the remainders of the cookies to a friend as I don’t have the mental toughness right now to say “no” to them!!

I am still waiting to know about my kettle bells training. I found someone but now it is about finding a day and time and looks to be quite difficult. I am really excited to start and see if I like it! I’ve read so many good things about it and everyone is raving about it!! So I definitely hope we sort out a day for this. That will probably also kick in my healthy exercise plan again.

The frustrating thing is that I do really well during the whole day and then in the evening the cookies monster comes out and then that is it! Healthy eating plan thrown out of the window! And then I am so cold that I don’t have the energy to even just to get up of the sofa!! So yes this has to change as I don’t feel good about it!!

So as of Monday the positive healthy me will be back with a vengeance!! :)

Have a great w-e all!!